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Hi and welcome to put your foot in it!

I´m Manny and glad you made it to my website. I ride for about 15 years now, where did the time go?! I live currently in New Zealand but move on to another country soon. My plan is to see as much of this planet as I can.

Snowboard technology improved a lot in the meanwhile and all that gear out there can be overwhelming sometimes! The idea of this website is to provide useful informations and reviews to guide you through the jungle of snowboard bindings that are available out there.

I am breaking down the features of each binding, let you know what they are made of and if they might be the right choice for you. Only real informations and personal thoughts!

In case you are interested in what I am riding at the moment:

Never Summer Proto HD paired with NOW IPO bindings. 

I love snow, I love the mountains and I love snowboarding – so I am probably just like you! Feel free to leave a comment or pop me an email to home@snowboard-bindings.com if you want to know anything about me or need a hand. I will get back to you!

Keep riding!




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