Burton Cartel bindings review – be part of the Cartel family

The Burton Cartel forms together with the Malavita and the Mission the core of Burtons bindings range. They all come with a similar FLEX and are totally fine for every terrain. Where you can spot a difference is on the price tag, so let´s have a closer look and check out this Burton Cartel bindings review.

Like most of Burtons bindings, the Cartel sits in the medium range of flexibility. It´s designed to be an all-mountain binding and when you hear people speaking who are involved in Burtons production and research, you find out why. They simply believe you can ride every binding on every terrain – and basically I do think so too. In the end, it´s about personal preferences. So let me show you where the differences are! Check out my video below to get an overview, then get into the details with the full review!

Burton Cartel bindings review

Burton Cartel Bindings Review

burton cartel bindings review

The price for the Cartel sit´s between the Mission and the Malavita and has a 45% composite material instead of the 30% what makes it a little bit more responsive. It comes with the new 2.0 hammock straps which provides great comfort without lacking response and …

… exclusive on the Cartel, you get the new hammock strap paired with Burtons smooth glide buckles. They slide in super easy and leave you with more time riding!

The Burton Cartel binding has a relatively simple highback, similar to the Mission. The Malavita or the Genesis for instance, have a built-in suspension system for more comfort and grip. Although, a single-piece construction gives you great response and it´s fully cushioned of course!

The Cartel is available in two versions, the Re:Flex and the EST model. Burton has it´s own mounting system on their boards called the channel. The EST models of their bindings only fit on that but minimizes the contact area between binding and board and therefore reveal the boards true flex from tip to toe. It also gives you the biggest variety in choosing your stance but you are committed to one brand. If that doesn´t bother you, go for the EST. In case you might want to ride a nice NeverSummer like I do at one point? 😛 Stick with the Re:Flex!

You find the features of the Cartel further down, but first, let me try to give you an idea who this binding is for.

Who is it for?

The Cartel is for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for great all-mountain performance in the mid price range.

This is your choice if you:

  • ride more than a weekend

    • This is of course a great binding for everyone but if you got not more than two or three days on the snow, get something that is easier on your wallet – if you want…
  • want comfort without spending heaps

    • The Cartel is your best choice in that case. More comfort than the Mission and the overall better binding, but still far away from the price of the Malavita or the Genesis.
  • Don´t really know

    • You want something solid than keeps you happy for a long time but can´t decide? You can´t go wrong with a pair of Burton Cartel!

Consider a different one if you:

  • Just started

    • Learning is usually easier on something softer and maybe you are not even sure if snowboarding is your thing. Although, in case you are committed and confident, go for it and never worry again about buying a new one 🙂
  • highly focused on a terrain

    • Like I said, you can ride every binding everywhere basically. But still, people tend to ride stiff for going fast and soft in the park. If you want to focus on one of these, think about other options.

As always, this is just to give you an idea. If you have questions, don´t hesitate to leave them in the comments below with some informations! I´m here and we will find the right binding 🙂


The features in detail


Mounting System

The EST version fits only on the channel system but gives you more freedom in your stance and more flex for your board since the contact area between board and binding is smaller.

The Re:Flex fits on every board out there. Even if you have a channel board, you might want to change that at one point and the Re:Flex always leaves the choice to you.


Right in the middle for the best all-mountain performance. This binding does everything great!


45% composite of short-glass and nylon. Bombproof and responsive yet playfull enough.

  • Re:Flex
    • Fully cushioned EVA footbed with B3 Gel that stays soft even in the coldest temperatures.
    • AutoCant footbed that automatically adjust the angle of your feet. That results in a more natural and comfortable stance and is easy on your knees.
  • EST
    • The EST version doesn´t need any material under your foot what leaves more room for cushioning. That results in the more advanced SensoryBED footbed which includes an extra B3 Gel dampening pad for your heels. Overall the more comfortable footbed.
    • AutoCant footbed just like on the Re:Flex version.
    • The Hinge, unique on the EST, for more pop!


Relatively simply one-piece highback for immediate response. It´s canted design follows the natural stance of your feet for better support and more comfort.

You can ride it like every Burton binding with 0° forward lean which is adjustable without tools through a little dial in the highback.

burton cartel bindings review


The Cartel comes with the new 2.0 Hammockstrap. An extremely comfortable ankle strap that is made of one piece so no stitches can become loose. It stays soft even in the coldest temperatures and the spine you can see floating over the strap, ensures immediate response without putting pressure on your foot.

The Cartel also comes with the Gettagrip Capstrap. You can wear it as a cap strap as well as over your toes. It gives you a firm but pressure free fit and locks your heels in position.

A little hinge built into the strap called FlexSlider let´s the ankle strap flip fully to the side where it stays. That makes it much easier to get back in.

burton cartel bindings review


Exclusive on the Cartel, the Hammockstrap is paired with Burtons smooth glide buckles. They slide in super easy so you don´t have to crank down so much!

Aluminium, steel and polycarbonat are mixed together to build reliable buckles that hold you in tight, season after season!





– Upshot –
Not much you´re gonna miss

The Burton Cartel is the favourite binding of thousands of riders. It evolved over the years and in the 2018 model, Burton definitely lifted it´s performance to the next level. Top-notch ankle strap, a highly comfortable footbed and a buckle system that makes sure you spend time riding, not cranking!

Suits the confident rider who mastered the first turns and surely performs great far into advanced riding. Mount a pair of Cartel on your board and you are going to have fun – no worries.

Get a quick overview again by Matt from the-House.com

The House.com is a fantastic online store with great support and great prices – run by people who love what you love! Are you going for the Re:Flex or the EST? Click the links below!

In Europe, Blue-Tomato.com is delivering us with the equipment to keep the fun up!

Are you riding a pair of Cartel or have experience with any other Burton binding? Do you rather mount something completely different on your board? Let us know!

And remember, if you got any questions, drop them below in the comments and I will get back to you!

Like and share if you want and keep riding!


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22 Replies to “Burton Cartel bindings review – be part of the Cartel family

  1. I like the style of these Burton Cartel Bindings. I especially like the 2.0 straps and how you mention the comfort level they provide. Even though these would be a bit too advanced for me they do sound great and of excellent quality. Are there more colors?

    1. Hi Melissa!

      The Cartel work for confident beginners! Burton and most of the other brands have their own product line specifically designed for women. The one here than comes the closest to the Cartel is Burtons Scribe. Maybe check out this list and find out more about Burton bindings for women 🙂

      Keep riding!

  2. Wow these certainly do seem to have it all. Of course I have never ridden a snowboard. I might take the time to try it one of these days. I might just have to come back to this site when I am ready to start learning about boards and bindings. Great information!

  3. Would this allow me to get more pop in my ollies? The increased lateral roll seems cool but is the high-back part supportive enough when doing higher ollies?

    1. Hi drake! No worries at all about having enough support through the highback. The EST version is designed to give you a bit more pop, yes. But it would not be my first argument for or against a EST model!

      If you have a burton board with the channel system and want to stick with it, go for the EST model! 🙂

  4. I like how these will stay responsive and malleable even in colder temperatures. Is that pretty standard for Burton bindings? Does the intermediate-advanced level suggestion have anything to do with them being more flexible?

    I would imagine that beginners might need something more solid and firm in order to get the mechanics down before moving onto more advanced gear.

    Enjoyed reading this post, thanks!

    1. Well, why Burton mentions that, is because of the straps material I guess. It´s made of a flexible rubber-ish material and people might assume that gets stiff in cold temperatures! But it´s not 🙂

      Technically, it´s totally up to you which binding you choose. In the end it depends on personal preference. But softer binding are more forgiving since they simply not deliver every single shaky movement you make as a beginner to the board. That results in a more mellow ride.

      If you go fast with hard edge-edge transitions you don´t want any movement in the binding at all basically. Stiffer bindings have more response and therefore deliver your movement straight to the board and at the same time, you get the best feedback from it!

      I hope that makes sense!

  5. Like how you explain the different functions of the chosen product. Also the importance of choosing the right category of bindings for the individual rider!
    Having friends who followed Burton since the beginning – they use the Cartel now for almost every kind of riding.
    Working in the sports retail business for many years I have to mention that the Burton line of products had the least problems, like frame breakage, buckle malfunctions etc.

    1. Sweet to hear some response from retail guys! Thanks for your input, I appreciate it! Burton is really good, no doubt 🙂 Have a good one!

  6. Wow, we just got a shipment in this week. My manager says that we are going to start selling these products in our store. I decided to go look the name up since I could only see that on the boxes. After reading this I’m pumped to see how these Burton products convert compared to everything else we carry in the retail store I work in.

    1. Cool! I am sure Burton gear converts really good 🙂 I hope my article help you to get a better knowledge about their products!

  7. I own quite a few burton products and I must say they are some of the most durable and delivering products you can buy on the market. I wouldn’t dare switch after my experiences with them.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone looking for better comfort when snowboarding.

    This is it! Excellent review I’m sharing for sure.

  8. I hope that your review proves my younger daughter to choose the right snowboard equipment. She is crazy about snowboarding, but every winter has fallen, in my opinion, mostly inappropriate in inventory selection. A couple of winters I tried to snowboard too but quit this and back to skis. Need to forward your topic link to her maybe she makes the right choice.

    1. Hi there! Please let her know that she can ask me anything and I am happy to help her find the right gear if she leaves some information. 

      Manufactures have bindings especially made for kids so she should stick to them depending how old she is!

      Have a good one!

  9. I have snowboarded a few times and have become proficient. This is the type of binding I’m looking for, as I don’t want to break the bank, but renting the bindings is becoming more expensive than just pulling the trigger and buying a pair. I particularly like that they are for intermediates because I never really see myself becoming great at snowboarding. It is something I do a few times a year. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. My pleasure! Sounds like the cartel are the perfect fit for you! I think even with just a few times a year, you can become really good and the cartel got you covered far into the advanced or even pro level of riding!

      Keep riding

  10. Hi,

    Great review. I really like the cartels too. They are comfortable and responsive. These are ideal for less experienced riders

    My personal preference is the Malavitas. I ride at least twice a week during a season and they are the best bindings I’ve ever had.

    One of the things I like about Burton bindings is that the screws that hold the straps on are captivated. This means you can’t lose a strap (unless it snaps). Unlike the Union Contact Pros where I have to tighten them up every day. Which is the only thing that lets them down by the way.

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