Burton Citizen Snowboard Binding – entry level binding in the women section

Lady’s out there! Don’t compromise on your gear and instead buy something that is especially designed for you! Burton’s snowboard bindings for women are exactly that and therefore give you the best fit, comfort and control! The Burton Citizen Snowboard Binding is the entry level binding in the women range, it’s the most affordable and the softest as well. Keep reading and take a closer look!

Burton Citizen Snowboard Binding

burton citizen snowboard bindings burton citizen snowboard binding

As a beginner we need a binding that is forgiving. Not every movement we make at this stage is 100% planned, so it’s good if not all of it get’s delivered to the board. Softer gear simply results in a more mellow ride that gives us room for some failure.

The Burton Citizen has a soft Flex (find out more about Flex here) and is made for beginner to intermediate riders. The 2018 model got some new straps and is overall the result of a binding that constantly has evolved and improved over the years.

For the really reasonable price you get a basic, but good and comfortable snowboard binding that is definitely better than rental gear.

Especially while learning, we should try to get as much consistency as we can, and guess what, that´s hard if you ride rentals every session.

The Burton Citizen is great for that and unless you end up riding icy double diamonds next season already, it can stay on your board far into the intermediate range – basically as long as you want.

Burton has their own mounting system called the channel and most of their bindings come in two different versions, called Re:Flex and EST. The Re:Flex version fit’s on every board out there, while the EST is made for the channel system and does not fit on other boards. However, the Burton Citizen only comes with the Re:Flex baseplate so you don´t get too choose – but it´s good to know in case you end up getting a different binding made by Burton.

 The 2018 Burton Citizen comes with new and improved ankle and toe straps for better support and more comfort.

Also on board is Burton’s smooth glide buckle technology what ensures you get in fast. They really crank down super easy! It has a fully cushioned footbed but for some reason, not the canted highback design as found on other bindings. You find a detailed overview of the features further down. But let’s who this binding is made for:

Who is it for?

The Burton Citizen can be for everyone really, as long as you after a mellow ride. Perfect for beginners of course with an overall great performance, especially for that price. This binding can be yours if you:

  • Just started snowboarding

    • Soft and forgiving paired with great comfort. There is not much else you could ask for and it´s really affordable as well.
  • are on a budget

    • Even if you are far into intermediate or even advanced, the Citizen delivers great all-mountain performance – as long as you don´t want it very stiff.
  • Need a second pair for the terrain park

    • Soft bindings are great for jibs and jumps, so you can totally mount that on your park board!

Consider a different one if you:

  •  go all-in on steep terrain

    • It is personal preference, but for quick edge to edge transitions something more responsive might be the better pick. Stiffer bindings perform better at higher speeds and deliver better feedback from the board.
  • You want extra comfort and performance

    • Burton creates some pretty nice bindings in the upper shelfs with fancy extras like the hammock straps or the heel hammock. Check out the Burton Lexa for instance.

This is as always just to give you an idea. Please don´t hesitate and leave any questions you have in the comments below! I will get back to you!


The features in detail

Mounting System

The Burton Citizen only comes in the Re:Flex version and fits on every board out there. The Re:Flex disc needs less material than other discs and reduces the contact area between binding and board. That gives the board more room to fully flex from tip to toe!


An easy and soft flex of 2. Perfect for beginners, freestylers and everyone who is looking for a surfy and more mellow ride.


The baseplate is made of a single-component material what makes it lightweight but strong. The mixture results in the overall soft flex. As always, you get an adjustable gas pedal as well to perfectly adjust the binding to your boots.


Single-piece construction for good response and feedback from the board. It does have quite a lot of tweak ability to get that mellow ride. For some reason it doesn’t come with a canted highback design like on the Burton Stiletto for instance, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

burton citizen snowboard binding


The 2018 model of the Citizen comes with the new 3D shaped ReactStrap that is found on many other bindings in Burtons range. It´s comfortable and has an internal spine for immediate response. The minimized construction simply means less material and less stitches – so less becomes loose over time!


The straps are also specifically designed for women and not just taken from the mens bindings. Therefore you get an even better fit and the straps nicely wrap around your boots.


The toe strap is the convertible cap strap and therefore can be used on your toes or on top of your boot – the choice is up to you.

Both straps are fully adjustable to center them perfectly and another nice little extra is the so called FlexSlider. It´s a little hinge on the ankle strap which let it fully flip open. That makes it easier for you to get back in!

burton citizen snowboard binding



The Citizen has Burton’s smooth glide technology on board. You get basic but durable buckles that crank down easy – that means more time riding!

Nothing too fancy here but basically everything you need.

burton citizen snowboard binding


Burton Citizen Snowboard bindings


– Upshot –
affordable entry level binding for everyone


The Burton Citizen is great! It’s all-mountain performance makes it attractive for pretty much everyone out there who doesn’t need the fancy extras. There are bindings with more comfort and more performance out there, but especially if your time on the snow is limited, these bindings might be simply a little bit over the top.

The Citizen can be just what you need, wrapped up in a great package with Burton’s knowledge for a great price!

Let’s see what Matt from the-House.com has to say

What´s mounted on your board or where is your favourite place to ride? Share your thoughts and as always, please ask me anything in the comments below!

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10 Replies to “Burton Citizen Snowboard Binding – entry level binding in the women section

  1. I have never snow boarded but I bet it’s fun. This binding actually looks very intriguing almost like a heel. Very sleek and pretty. I like the way you describe the binding being for beginners and having support.
    You have made me more knowledgeable about the binding. Now I am wondering If I should attempt snowboarding.
    Thank you for the information and if you have any area that would be great to learn let me know.

    1. Stop wondering and get your bum on the snow! 😉 Grab some rentals and if you like it, come back and get some gear! I am sure you will man. Thanks for you feedback as well, I appreciate that!

  2. I feel like I’m shopping for my mum… haha luckily she doesn’t snowboard but I know I few friends that do! I’ll be recommend them to your site Manny.

    You always have the best reviews on bindings, so much information! Appreciate it brother.

  3. I’ve been looking for bindings for the wife and she is going to love the white ones.
    Great review and thanks for sharing. You’ve saved me hours in the shops.

  4. I haven’t been snowboarding in a while, but I do remember how exciting it was to do. I do remember my cousin having to help me with the binding because I couldn’t figure it out. But I had no idea bindings were this in depth. That’s amazing. What makes a binding high end though?

    1. Hi Jasmere! The brands really do put a lot of research and effort in creating the best bindings and materials. Ususally bindings come in composite nylon materials, carbon or aluminium. Union for instance always use Aluminium for their heelcups and parts of their baseplates, like in the Union Atlas.

      Carbon is super strong and light, but also quite stiff and expensive!

      It in the end, it´s a lot about personal preference and simply what you feel better with. Let me know if you have further questions!

  5. Very detailed review of the Burton Citizen, so glad to have came across this as its very detailed and has an excessive amount of information that has encouraged me to consider this binding as all the features you have outlined seem great for me personally, thank you so much.


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