Burton Custom Bindings Review – Try this legend!

A beginner binding for all levels, that doesnt make any sense, you think? Well, the Burton Custom does that. It´s been around for about 20 years now and constantly evolved to become of the best bindings to start with. With it´s soft flex it copes with almost every terrain, while being forgiving enough to give you some room for failure. Let´s have a closer look and check out this Burton Custom Bindings Review.



burton custom bindings review

For a beginner binding, the Burton Custom is with it´s 200 dollars quite expensive and actually, that´s a fact for all the Burton gear out there. The price tag surely has a strong influence on our decision, which binding we are going to choose. I was never a fan of a specific brand – not in snowboarding, nor any other industry. In the end, all what counts is the product itself. I do have to say though…

… Burton really stands for phrases like “you get what you pay for”.

The Custom is a playful, quite soft and forgiving binding that is focused on the beginner to intermediate rider. It gives you a decent setup for carving as well, but surely feels the best with a more mellow ride. The soft flex creates a kind of surfy ride, that eases out your unintentional maneuvers. With time, we want to see some progress, increase our skill and therefore need some response from the board. Overall softness is nice and comfortable, but too much ends up in a ride without you having much control of it.

That´s why the Burton Custom comes with a quite simple one-piece highback, to let you feel just right what´s going on. Like all Burton Bindings, you can ride it with 0° forward lean to give you freedom and a comfortable stand. If you change your mind and want to go fast, it´s easily adjustable through MicroFLAD™ for quicker turns and more response.

The Custom comes in two versions, the Re:Flex and the EST. Burton has it´s own mounting system called the channel and the EST models of their bindings only fit on these. The good part about this system is that it does minimise the contact are between binding and board and therefore the board can fully flex from tip to tail. It also gives you the widest variety in choosing your stance.

The downside with the EST is that you are fully committed to Burton while the Re:Flex model fits on every board out there – the choice is up to you! If you don´t think about buying a board by a different brand in the near future – then go for the EST.


Who is it for?

The focus for this binding is on the, let´s say confident beginner. The Burton Custom is a solid, high quality binding that has everything you need to explore the mountain, giving you all the freedom of trying different terrain. At this stage, you can´t and don´t want to specify on a way of riding – but you need a solid start to improve your skills and find your own style 🙂

Maybe you clocked in a couple of hundred km´s on the slope already and now want a less pricey all-mountain binding that keeps you happy for a long time.

Pick it if you:

  • Just started snowboarding, now it´s time for your own gear

    • Rental.. is rental! Having your own gear is a game changer and this is the right binding to start with!
  • Are on a budget

    • The Custom is not for beginner only! If you want all-terrain flexibility for under 200 bucks, that’s the one.
  • Like it simple

    • Not everyone needs tons of specs and technology. You get good quality that covers basic needs for your holidays

Consider a different one if you:

  • Are going fast

    • In case you spend the most time on your edges, get something stiffer. For intense carving the Custom is too flexible.
  • You know what you want

    • If you know how you ride and what is important for you, get a binding that really suits your needs. Even if you ride all-mountain, there are better options – but for a few more dollars. The custom is quite soft, possibly too soft for intermediate to advanced riders.


This is just to give you an idea! Please leave a comment if you are unsure and I will get back to you!


The features in detail

Mounting System

The 2018 Burton Custom comes with the Re:Flex mounting system or in the EST version. The Re:Flex will fit on any board out there, the EST version is limited to Burtons own system called the channel.


Soft and forgiving FLEX that works all over the mountain. Goes great together with a more mellow rider. Check out my post about FLEX to choose the perfect one for you.


The Re:Flex model comes with a fully cushioned footbed for great comfort and includes an adjustable gas pedal!

Since the EST model doesn’t need any plastic under your foot to mount it on the board, it leaves more room for extra cushioning. That results in a more advanced footbed called the ShredBed!


To give you immediate response in that overall soft binding, the highback is made of one-material. It follows the natural way of your legs to give you better control and more comfort. The Custom allows you to ride with 0° forward lean and that can be adjusted tool-less in seconds through the MicroFLAD™ technology. That´s nothing else but the black lever you see on the highback on the image below.  You can make really small adjustments.

burton custom bindings review


The Reactstrap™ is 3D curved and sits nicely around your boots for great response. For you to get in easier and faster, it pops out of the way through a little hinge. That is called FlexSlider and is built into the strap. No more struggling to move the ankle strap out of your way.

The Gettagrip Capstrap™ is conformable as a toe strap, too. Also 3D curved for a firm but pressure-free fit.

Both straps are fully adjustable to center them over your boots. Solid and comfortable.


Smooth Glide Buckle Technology with aluminum levers and steel bases. Strong and durable for long-lasting and easy buckling – over and over again.




– Upshot –
Covers basic needs, but that really well.

The Burton Custom went through years and years of improvement. It´s a great all-mountain binding for beginners to intermediates and they can stay on your board even beyond that point. Great as your first bindings, great if you´re on a budget. Are you looking for a more advanced binding? Check out my review about the Burton Mission, the Cartel, the Malavita or the Genesis.

The Custom ist relatively soft and made for a layed-back ride with room to explore different terrain. If you want a comfortable, forgiving and solid binding without all the extra technologies (and dollars), the Burton Custom fits perfectly on your board.

Check out Matt from the-House.com

The-House.com has more than 30 years experience, fantastic support and great prices. Click the links below and mount a pair of Custom on your board – they make you happy!

The name for outdoor gear in Europe with a massive selection is Blue-Tomato.com, check out the links below!

If you have any further questions, leave them below in the comments. Also, do you have any experience with the Burton Custom? Let us know!

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19 Replies to “Burton Custom Bindings Review – Try this legend!

  1. Hello Manny!

    200 dollars for beginner bindings are quite expensive indeed. However, I truly believe that burton is a good brand with great products and these custom bindings are a good investment if you are a beginner that wants to take seriously snowboarding. A friend of mine started this year and she loves it, so I’m definitely showing her your site!

    1. Hi Antonis,

      thanks bud for your feedback! I am sure she finds that site helpful and new stuff is coming every other day. She is more than welcome to ask me any questions! Have a good one!


  2. The first thing when you see the price is “Oh.” However, I’ve learned long ago that the real good quality can’t go with cheap price, so it’s nothing unexpected.
    I am completely inexperienced in snowboarding but I’d definitely search for some proper equipment before I’d start experimenting with a kind of extreme sport like this. I’d definitely feel more comfortable and secured.
    Your website is definitely worth recommending.

    1. I´m glad you find it helpful. There are other options out there for a bit less. As a beginner I would always consider backdoor-bindings as well like the FLOW Haylo for instance. Flow actually invented that system what saves you time getting in. However, people tend to say they lack of response and they do have other downsides as well.

      The Burton Custom although really is a binding that can keep you happy until you retire. If you don´t mind the time to put the straps on before every run, you can´t go wrong with them!

      I´m glad you found it helpful, have a good one.


  3. That’s a great review, Manny. I worked at Fernie Alpine Ski Resort in Alberta, Canada and I was also the Operations Manager at Kirby Ski Hill in Orono, Canada. I also was the Manager at Kirby Skiis & Boards for many years.
    Burton truly is the Rolls Royce of most boarding equipment and you were dead on with “..you get what you pay for..” In Ontario where temperatures drop below -30C quite constantly, we never had Burton bindings come in because a strap broke to the extreme temperatures. That is because they add Nylon and Polypropylene to they straps to reduce freezing and promote better flexibility and less memory in frigid conditions. Burton also being the inventors of the adjustable gas pedal, forward lean and toe cap, this binding has it all and will keep you on the hills and mountains longer which is important. There are great bindings out there like Union but I will always opt for a burton custom any day! What bindings do you sport Manny?

    1. Hi Jair, 

      thanks for your input man, I appreciate it. Burton really is in the industry for long and they put some great gear together. I actually spend one seasons in Canada as well, working in a heli ski resort in BC!

      I am riding NOW IPOs since three seasons and I love them! But like you said, I´d go for a Custom any day, too!

      Have a good one and keep riding!

  4. Great post! I always find that the stock snowboard bindings when you hire a board aren’t always the best to use. I like the fact that these are a great and viable option to replace and only cost $200.

    It may sound expensive but I can imagine all the years of use I could potentially get out of them!

    Thanks for the article:)

    1. Definitely man! These bindings will make you happy for a long time, I would always go for a pair of Custom!

      And yes indeed, rental is sh*t 😉

  5. I have only snowboarded a half a dozen times or so but that is nothing better than having the right set of binding for you. Makes you forget about the board and focus on the snow. You also feel like the king of the park walking into get that hard earned beer at the end of the day too.
    One of my favourite past time was sitting in the car park watching all the skiers slip over. Classic. Makes you realize you need proper equipment!
    There not much snow here in the tropics.

    1. Hi Remy!

      That beer is the best, that´s right man! And true word, good gear makes you focus on riding! Let me know if you need any help if you ever get out of the tropics again! I couldn´t live without snow, mate 🙂

  6. I never considered the sport but with every sport, there is a need for good quality equipment. This seems like a very good item and in spite of its cost, it is well needed. Is Burton the leader in this market or is there another manufacturer that has the same quality at a lesser price?

    1. Hi Ronnie! Burton probably has the best reputation and they put together great gear! I would always recommend a pair of Burtons but they certainly are not the only choice, actually you have plenty!

      It really depends on how many days you want to spend on the snow! Also, brands have their own product line for womens, so if feel like starting snowboarding, let me know and we will find the right binding for you!

      Have a good one!

  7. I have really wide feet, will this affect what bindings I buy? I don’t know if I can even shop “normal” ones since I am unable to shop normal shoes and boots. I’d love to get my own snowboarding gear and start this hobby since my new boyfriend is really into it. thanks!

    1. Hi Penelope! Yes it will but before you think about bindings, you need to find boots that fit. I know for sure that Salomon and Burton have wide snowboard boots in their range. From there on, pick your binding. But wider boots are basically designed differently on the inside and tend to have the same size on the outside. You might end up with a large binding but that´s it, no need to worry about getting a binding made especially for you 😉

      Have a good one!

  8. I’ve been cruising the web for bindings and just not sure what to get as a beginner. These look like great value.
    Now do they actually fit on any board as you say? Should I be looking for certain attachments on boards?

    1. Hi Vince!

      yep they will fit on every board. Only if you have a Burton Snowboard with the channel system, then I would recommend to get the EST version of the Custom. They are designed for the channel mounting system and and minize the board contact even more to reveal it´s true flex!

      Other than that, go for it!

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