Burton Escapade Bindings – EST or Re:Flex, high end performance and comfort either way!

In Burton’s women range, it´s not getting any better than the Burton Escapade bindings. While it´s obvious that it has the same genes than the Genesis, Burton designed and engineered it from ground up to match the needs of you lady riders out there. You can can find Burton`s women specific true fit design on a lot of their gear, including clothes, boards and of course other bindings!

Burton Escapade Bindings

Burton Escapade bindings

Burton Escapade bindings

The Escapade and Genesis are designed to be the most comfortable bindings made by Burton – paired with top-notch performance to cope with the demands of Burtons very own team riders.

It´s made for all-mountain riding for the intermediate to advanced rider, while even beginner can consider the Burton Escapade. The medium – stiff FLEX gives you enough response for speedy runs and leaves you enough flexibility for the terrain park, too.

The highback on the Escapade is the most advanced one made by Burton. It´s called the kickback hammock and works as a built-in suspension that protects you from vibrations. While the outside part is made of a 18% nylon mix that results in a pretty stiff and responsive highback, the soft mash on the inside wraps around your heels and calves, protects you from those little vibrations and overall results in a real comfortable ride.

“That´s kind of a big deal, simply because it´s hard to match up stiffness with comfort!”

The Burton Escapade comes in two different baseplate versions, the EST and the Re:Flex. Burton put their own mounting system called the channel on their boards and the EST version of their bindings only fit on these boards.

The EST version of the Escapade has a totally new form of footbed called PODBed, so far exclusive on the Escapade! Strategically placed pods of EVA padding give you the comfort where you need it and spread out the riders weight evenly.

Another advantage of the EST is, that it reduces the contact area between binding and board to reveal the boards true flex from tip to tail.

The footbed on the Re:Flex model is fully cushioned and automatically put you boots at an angle to line up you knees, hips and ankles. That results on a more natural stance, no matter how wide apart you set up your bindings.

With the EST version you get the perfect combination of board and binding but you are limited to Burton boards. If that doesn’t bother you, go for it. Other than that, simply stick the Re:Flex model!

Burton Escapade bindings


The Escapade is loaded with all the fancy stuff Burton has to offer. The hammock straps are extremely comfortable and durable and the double take buckle system cranks down super easy and is built to last forever. We will have a closer look on the features further down, but let´s find out if this binding is the right choice for you.

Who is it for?

The Burton Escapade is top-shelf performance and comfort and therefore of course not the cheapest binding on the market. It´s made for people with lots of snow days and everyone else who simply has the spare dollars. Get this binding if you:

  • Ride a lot!

    • The more you ride, the more you appreciate and actually need the comfort – that´s it.
  • Ride every terrain

    • The Escapade copes with everything you throw at it. It´s made for serious riding and every terrain so if that sounds like you – go for it. Truly a worry-free purchase!
  • Want to ride it for a long time

    • Maybe you don´t even ride that often but simply want to buy a binding just once. The Escapade will last forever and gives you all the room you need to advance your skills and explore new terrain.

Consider a different one if you:

Just started or simply ride only a few days each year

  • I´d say the Escapade is simply over the top! It will work but you´re better of with something softer and your dollars are spent better somewhere else.

As always, this is just to give you an idea! Personal preference always plays a role and who am I to tell you what to do 🙂 But please don´t hesitate to drop any questions you have in the comments below, I will get back to you!

The features in detail

Mounting System

The Re:Flex model fits on every board out there while the EST only fits on Burton boards.

If you have a Burton board and think it´s going to stay that way, go for the EST. If you want to have the choice of riding a different board at one point, stick with the Re:Flex.


The Escapade has a medium – stiff response what makes it perfect for hitting the slopes and the backcountry. I´d say for true freestylers, there are better options out there (like the Burton LEXA), but technically, you get true all-mountain performance.


Made of a 30% short-glass / nylon mix for great response, yet enough play.

  • EST – new and exclusive PODBed that evenly spreads out the riders weight with little EVA cushioning PODs on pressure points – right where you need it!
  • Re:Flex – fully cushioned from tip to toe with the AutoCant footbed. Lines up your ankles, knees and hips for a more natural and comfortable stance.


The kickback hammock is pairing outstanding comfort with the response you get from a 18% nylon / short glass mix. It eases out vibrations and impacts to keep you riding longer and is made to go wild.

Like every Burton binding you can ride it with 0° forward lean which you can adjust tool less to your liking.

Burton Escapade bindings


Burton`s Hammockstraps™ are made of one piece, so no stitches can become loose. The material stays soft even in the coldest temperatures and therefore always ensure a nice and tight fit. It´s part of the women specific true fit design, so especially made for women boots.

The spine on the outside ensure the immediate response you need without having direct contact with your boots – no worries about pressure points.

The Super Grip Capstrap™ can be used as a cap- or toe strap and is made of two materials. A firmer one to ensure a tight fit and a softer one that wraps around your boot to lock it in.

Both straps can be adjusted of course to center them over your boots. The ankle straps also comes with the Burton FlexSlider, a little hinge that ensures your strap fully flips open what makes getting back in, super easy!

Burton Escapade bindings


The Escapade features Burton´s smooth glide double take buckles. What the heck is that you ask? Fair enough, check out the video below!



Burton Escapade bindings


– Upshot –
designed for Burton´s team riders, built for you

It´s not getting any better than the Burton Escapade. If you want the best performance with the best comfort, you don´t need to look any further. You have to shake out some dollars of your wallet, but the Burton Escapade won´t let you down.

Get another overview of the Escapade from Matt from the-House.com


Please leave any questions you have in the comments below, I will get back to you! Also, let us know what you ride and what you like and don´t like about it!

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