Burton Freestyle Bindings – great for beginners as well as freestylers

You might be here because of a couple of reasons. Maybe you´re simply looking for a cheap binding or your park board finally needs it´s own pair of bindings – anyway, this one here can be just what you are looking for. The Burton Freestyle Binding is the entry level binding in Burtons range! Affordable without fancy extras but loaded with Burton´s know how – let´s have a closer look on the Burton Freestyle Bindings.


burton freestyle bindings

burton freestyle bindings

With just under 150 dollars, these bindings go perfectly with anyone who needs a second pair of softer bindings for days in the terrain park. The Burton Freestyle gives you a forgivable and surfy ride that let´s you experiment new moves with enough room for fails – and we all know they happen!

The price tag and softness makes it also really attractive for everyone who just started with the best thing you can do without taking your clothes off! Consistency is key while learning how to snowboard and that´s hard to get on rentals. For 150 dollars you get a solid binding that eases out your ride while still delivering enough feedback to put your riding on the next level.

Get rid of rentals and buy your own gear, it´s going to be a game changer!

The Burton Freestyle has a medium FLEX of 3. That makes it a little bit more responsive than the Burton Custom and it has a bit more simple version of the ankle strap. Although, you get the performance you need for riding all-mountain terrain.

What you don´t get is the option for an EST model. Burton has their own mounting system called the channel and most of their bindings come in a version specifically made for it – called EST. The Burton Freestyle though, only comes in the Re:Flex version. In the box are two different mounting disc´s to ensure it fit´s on every board out there.

It´s a comfortable binding with some decent straps actually. A bit less cushioning than on the more expensive ones and you only can adjust and center them with a philips screw driver. But once they are set up you don´t really have to worry about that anyway – just check once in a while that everything is where it´s supposed to be. Check out my post about how to set up snowboard bindings as well! 🙂

We will have a closer look on the features further down, but let´s see for who that binding is made for.

Who is it for?

The Burton Freestyle can be your partner in the park for sure, but is certainly not limited to that. It´s a all-mountain binding with medium soft for beginner to advanced riders.

It can be yours if you:

  • Just started snowboarding

    • Get your own gear as soon as you can and if you don´t want to spend heaps, good choice!
  • Need a second (or first) pair for the park that is easy on your wallet

    • Soft and forgiving so you can get away with dodgy landings and a good amount of tweak!
  • Want something good for a few days on the snow

    • If you simply don´t ride so much, then don´t spend loads on gear. That´s over the top and not needed. Just don´t buy any no name stuff for a few bucks, that is not comfortable at all and probably simply ends up you getting injured!

Consider a different one if you:

  • Ride a decent amount ever year

    • The more you ride, the more it makes sense to spend a bit more. You get that extra comfort and an overall better binding. The Freestyle is not bad, though.
  • Are going fast and steep

    • for high speeds and quick edge to edge transitions, the Burton Freestyle is probably a bit soft! Get something more responsive!


As always, this is just to give you an idea! Please drop any questions you have in the comments below, I will get back to you!


The features in detail

Mounting System

Only comes in the Re:Flex version. Burton created their Re:Flex baseplate to reduce the contact area between board and binding. That gives the board more room to fully flex from tip to toe! Fit´s on every board out there, of course that includes the channel system, too.


The Freestyle has a soft FLEX what makes it great for a mellow ride and forgiving for the park.

Burton thinks you can ride every binding in every terrain, and they are right – it´s up to you and depends on what you like.


The baseplate is made of a single-component polycarbonate. That keeps it light but strong and ensures a straight forward feedback.

It´s cushioned from tip to toe for maximum comfort while you still can easily access the mounting system.


Made of a single-piece for immediate response while offering enough tweak ability so it twists with your moves.

The highback has a canted design as well, which follows the natural stance of your legs for improved comfort and control.

The forward lean is easy and tool less adjustable and you can ride every Burton binding with 0° forward lean if you like.

burton freestyle bindings


Around your boot wraps a brand new basic, but solid ankle strap. It´s 3D shaped for a nice and firm fit while the internal spine offers great response.

The toe strap can be used as a capstrap as well – the choice is up to you!

Both straps are adjustable so you can center them over your boot what´s crucial for a good and comfortable fit – but you need a screwdriver for that!

A nice little extra on most Burton bindings is what they call FlexSlider. A little hinge on the ankle strap let´s it fully flip open – so you can get back in faster and with less hassle. You will love it.


Great ratchets that can be easily used with big gloves as well. They even come with Burtons smooth glide technology what makes them crank down super easy for more time riding.


Burton Mission bindings review


– Upshot –
under 150 dollars, but everything you need


The Burton Freestyle is a great binding for everyone who is on a budget. Whatever your reasons are for not spending the extra dollars on more performance and more comfort, the Freestyle will do the trick – literally 😉

Matt from the-house.com gives you a closer look if you like. Look at that fellas smile, come on 🙂


Let us know what you think of the Burton Freestyle Bindings! What´s mounted on your board? 

And please don´t hesitate to drop any questions you have in the comments below, I will get back to you!

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11 Replies to “Burton Freestyle Bindings – great for beginners as well as freestylers

  1. Hi Manny,

    I completely agree with you! The real game changer in snow sports is when you buy your own gear. It doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive, in fact, the burton bindings your review are at a pretty good price. I have been skying all my life and most of my friends are snowboarders, what we all know is that having its own gear changes the experience. If you plan to snowboard more than few days per year, it’s definitely a good investment to make. Where do you go snowboard?

    1. Thanks for input Julien and yeah, you´re totally right. You wan´t to have your own gear – that´s it.

      It really depends man, I snowboarded in Canada, New Zealand and of course in the Alps in Europe back home. Wherever I am at the moment really 🙂

  2. Rentals are only good when you are discovering the sport. Once you found a liking to it, I agree with you, getting you own equipment is best. I like how these are designed. I’m a Florida girl now but was originally from up north. I will be shore to share this with my northern friends. Thanks for the information!

  3. What a great article on Burton snowboard bindings! I have been snowboarding for about 20 years now and I have only used Burton equipment. I can say only good things about this brand and can suggest it to anyone wishing to snowboard safely and smoothly. They tend to be little more expensive if compared to less known brands but I can say that it is worth each cent of it.
    In addition, I agree with you that it is extremely important to get your own equipment, especially for beginners. You need to get used to your board, to feel and understand it, but you can’t do that if you are renting it. Your own gear brings snowboarding to the next level!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I am enjoying life on the cook islands at the moment! Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it! Burton puts together great gear! Have a good one!

  4. I’ve been looking for some new bindings because mine have been slipping and have always been hard to do up with big gloves.

    I don’t get out to the park as much as I used to so it seems like these are a great compromise being they are cheap, yet have that professional brand and quality that you want when you buy your own gear.

    1. Hi! You are not limited to the terrain park with a pair of Burton Freestyle bindings. If you are on a budget, good choice!

  5. great advice on bindings. I am a wakeboarder, but not really a snow boarder yet. I have wanted to learn, as a wakeboarder I think it would translate well.
    I’m flagging this to come back to as this is such great advice on getting into your own equipment and entry level bindings.

    1. I´m glad you like it! I wakeboard myself and think it´s actually going to be helpful!

      Let me know if you have any questions, I´m here.

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