BURTON GENESIS Review – high end performance and super comfortable

Here it is, the new BURTON GENESIS binding – and it looks good! The Genesis has been a name in the industry for a long time and with the new version, Burton promises the most comfortable binding ever while having the strength and performance to meet the high demands of their own team riders. So let´s get into the Burton Genesis Review.

Burton Genesis Review

Burton Genesis Review

burton genesisDesigned as an all-mountain binding, the new Burton Genesis is for the advanced to expert rider.

It comes made of a high-tech composite formula to keep it lightweight while being strong and durable.

With a medium FLEX (6/7), it offers you the response you need to go fast and steep on slopes as well as in the backcountry. Although, Burton made it slightly softer than the earlier models leaving you enough freedom for freestyle session, too.

It has an improved anatomical design that follows the natural way of your legs while securing you firmly but comfortable on your board with the hammock straps. The highback is made of two pieces and is called the kickback hammock. It basically works like a built-in suspension and protects you from vibrations without lacking response! They seriously put something great together here, not easy to keep a quite stiff 18% short-glass / nylon highback so comfortable!

Like most of Burtons bindings you can get the Re:Flex or the EST version. The EST only fits on Burtons very own mounting system called the channel. If you have such a board, it does make sense to go that one. It reduces the contact area between binding and board, gives you the biggest variety of choosing your stance and reveals the boards true flex from tip to tail.

Although, that means you are committed to Burton since your binding are not going to fit anywhere else. If that doesn´t bother you, go for the EST!

The Genesis comes with everything Burton has to offer, to give you the best experience you can ask for. This pair of bindings keep you riding! Before we have a detailed look on the features, let´s see if this binding might be something for you!

Who is it for?

While it´s with 350$ not the cheapest binding on the market, we want to make sure it´s the right one that suits your needs. Like mentioned, it is designed as an all-mountain binding, so is it the right choice for everyone? Well, unless the only thing you do is jumping out of helicopters or focus on kickers all day, it technically is. For your dollars you get all the Burton knowledge and newest technologies put together to a comfortable and overall fantastic binding.


This binding is the right choice if you:

  • focus on not really having a focus

    • you change the terrain during the day or simply can have only one set of gear. The Genesis is top-shelf and won´t let you down – doesn’t matter what you throw at it.
  • about to buy your very first own binding

    • after all that rental gear it’s time for you own stuff and it´s supposed to keep you happy for a long time.
  • you are not happy with your set up

    • your bindings are outdated or just uncomfortable and you don´t want this to happen again. With the Genesis, you get one of the most advanced bindings on the market!


Consider another one if you:

  • just started snowboarding

    • these bindings might be a bit over the top. First, find out more about your own style. Although, if you have the spare dollars, go for it! People tend to learn better on soft bindings but nothing is set in stone, really.
  • ride specific terrain

    • you highly focus on freestyle or free ride? Then there might be better options out there. Are you freestyle orientated? Check out the Malavita! Or you can get the Genesis in the stiffer, carbon infused version Genesis X if you´re after nothing but the steep runs!

This is as always just to give you an idea! Please drop any questions you have in the comments below the post and I will get back to you!


Features in detail


Mounting System

The Burton Genesis comes with the Re:Flex disc for mounting it either on the 4×4 or the channel system. It literally fits on every board out there!

The EST version only fits on Burton boards but gives you the perfect combination of binding and board. If you don´t mind to be committed to Burton boards, go for the EST version.

In case you might want to ride something else at one point, stick with the Re:Flex!


Medium to stiff response around 6 -7! (find out more about flex here). True all-mountain performance that leaves the choice which terrain is next up to you!


  • Re:Flex – Comes with a fully cushioned AutoCant footbed. It automatically aligns your ankles, knees and hips which results in a much more comfortable stance – no matter how wide apart you ride your bindings.
  • EST – Comes with a similar AutoCant footbed as well. The EST version although, doesn’t need any material for the mounting system under your foot which can be replaced with more cushioning. That results in the more advanced Sensory footbed!

The EST Version comes with Burtons Hinge system and is made of a dual component baseplate for more response in the lower part and more flex in the upper part. Check out the video about the hinge to see how the EST-unique feature works.


Made of a quite stiff 18% short-glass/nylon composite on the outside for immediate response. The mash on the inside of the highback is made of a soft material that wrap your boots in comfort, while the spring that connects those two pieces, works as a built-in suspension.

That results in outstanding comfort on a stiff and response highback, made for quick and powerful edge-to-edge transitions.

You can ride every Burton binding with 0° forward lean and you can adjust it without any tools pretty much on the go.

burton genesis review


The Burton Hammockstrap™ is made out of one, thin piece to give you great durability and response. No stitches can become loose and the cross spine technology connects you more direct to your board. The good thing is, the spine that ensures the response, has no direct contact with the strap or your boots – that means no worries about pressure points!

The moment you open your buckles, Burton FlexSlider lets your ankle strap fully flip open what makes it way easier to get back in! Definitely a nice little extra.

Just like the ankle strap, the Super Grip Capstrap™ is one piece, combining two materials into one advanced strap, that can be used as a toe- or cap strap. No stitches or glue ensure it does the job for a long time


burton genesis review



Double Take Buckles Featuring Insta-Click – Faster engagement and therefore no more struggling to get to that first click! Helical teeth tighten you up faster! Hard to put into words, so check out the short clip below to understand this strong and quick system.



 -Upshot –
great binding, great technologies

The Genesis has made itself a name over the years and it’s continuing doing so with the latest release. For your bucks you get an all-mountain binding that truly feels comfortable in every terrain. Are you looking for something more playful and freestyle-focused? Check out my review about the NOW IPO or the Burton Malavita.

Matt from the-House.com gives another quick overview


Do you have any questions or are you riding this binding? Leave a comment below! I will get back to you and appreciate any kind of input!

Like and share if you want and keep riding!


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14 Replies to “BURTON GENESIS Review – high end performance and super comfortable

  1. Hi Manny,

    Awesome review!

    I don’t know anything about snowboarding, but I am willing to learn because my son wants to do snowboarding:)
    So I was looking for all the gear needed to start with this fun sport. The Burton Genesis binding seems durable and well constructed. For someone who just starts with snowboarding, would you suggest the Burton?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. How old is your son? Check the size table to find out if he already fits in a small binding! Otherwise, most of the brands have kid´s bindings! It is crucial to have a binding that fits properly, so don´t compromise on that.

      Also, consider that he might be still growing. You don´t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a binding that doesn´t fit anymore next year.

      For beginners I would recommend to go for the Burton Custom (https://snowboard-bindings.com…). They are more flexibel which makes it a bit easier. But, if you would like to ride the same binding if possible the next 10 years, the Genesis is the right choice.

      I hope that helps! 


  2. Hello there! Winter is coming and I’m interested on trying snowboarding. I’m just new to snowboarding and I’m just learning the equipment needed for snowboarding. I read that I need a snowboard binding because it’s the part where you put your foot without it I can’t be with my board. I found your review with burton genesis very informative and helpful. I think this is a great snow binding but is it good for a beginner? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Hi John. If you´re totally new to snowboarding I would recommend something softer! Depending on how much money you are willing to spend the Burton Custom or the Salomon Rhythm for instance. There are quite a few choices!

      Maybe browse through that list (https://snowboard-bindings.com…), most of them are quite soft. If you only want to buy one binding for the rest of your life, the genesis are a pretty good option though 🙂 Let me know if you need further help!

      Keep riding!


  3. Hi Manny –
    I snowboarded once. Many Many Many years ago – I had forgotten how much technology can go into the equipment and how it can seemingly affect who is best suited for the individual equipment – freestyle vs freeride.

    Reading the other comments it sounds like it is important to understand your personal “style” before potentially committing based on the cost associated with these bindings – unless you are financially blessed. How would you advise someone interested in getting into snowboarding without burdening them with a big price tag? Is renting a possibility to help determine? For golf – it is sometimes difficult to rent or try out exactly what you want to purchase. They can put tape over the clubs to prevent scratches/damages but often you are limited to an indoor range hitting the ball into the net. Is there something similar that is advisable for snowboarding?

    1. Hi Adam,

      if you simply want to try out snowboarding again, I´d advise you to go for rental gear. 

      It is a more common thing that people ask for a specific pair of ski´s  and even snowboards but not really snowboard bindings. In that case, it just really depends on the shop but I can´t see them renting out high priced bindings like the genesis. And to be honest, as a beginner there is not really a point in asking for a specific binding if you might not be able to tell a difference anyway! All you want is something soft to start with.

      There are days in resorts that are all about renting gear, I went to one called BlueDay. You often pay a flatrate that includes the lift pass and you can change your gear as often as you want. That gives you all the choices, from ski to snowboard to fun stuff like skibikes.

      On such days you might be lucky to try out the exact bindings that you want, sometimes manufactures are around as well to promote their newest stuff.

      Anyway, to get back into snowboarding, simply take what the shops give you. You should get a rather soft binding with the right board and if you enjoy it, then you can start to think about your own style and ultimately, your own gear! 

      Have a good one,


  4. Manny, this is a great review. I grew-up in a little town next to the Carpathian Mountains. Snow was all around me, but I always found snowboarding a bit too dangerous for me, after a big fall. Anyways, I would like to give it an other go sometime soon. Burton Genesis might just be the fancy thing I need.

    1. Hi Maria.

      The Genesis are actually good for beginners, but only if you´re really committed since they are quite expensive. In case you want to buy your own gear right away, take a look at the burton custom!

      Have a good one!

  5. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Genesis bindings by Burton and I love the painted wood style. Burton is changing the game with their innovative buckle system and you gotta hand it to a company that is always improving upon itself. I still consider myself a beginner but considering these for the long run. I figure it can’t hurt to invest in the future.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      if you managed your first run, the Genesis will do a fantastic job and are a good investment in the future, that´s for sure! There are other good options as well like the NOW IPO. Great brinding for a great price but a little bit more freestyle orientated.

      If you end up thinking it doesn´t need to be top-noth, consider the Burton Custom. They are softer and more mellow than the genesis but people in all skill level have them on their board. Great overall binding for less money.

      But the Genesis is fantastic, so if you have the spare dollars, go for it!

  6. I never heard of this until I came to your website. I‘ve always wanted to learn how to snowboard, but never had a chance to do that. I loved and enjoyed reading the review. Now I have a better understanding of the tools existed. I am going to look to see f there is any place to snowboard near where I live. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Hong!

      Glad you like it, let me know if you need any further assistance! Take a look at some softer bindings since you´re a beginner! The Genesis might be a bit over the top. How about the Burton Stiletto?

      Have a good one!

  7. Thanks for the great review, im just looking to pick up a pair of these at end of season sales.
    Honestly I would recommend anyone who’s had a bit of skating or surfing experience just jump straight into this kinda gear. I’ve done the responsible thing and hired gear and its been a pretty lousy experience gear wise. I’ve had 5 days on the snow over two seasons, while I probably wouldn’t have gained a lot of benefit out of this gear I can say after jumping on a mates gear and actually being able to enjoy a day without getting really sore a poor setup was gold. This mention of a place where you can swap out gear sounds good though but unless you’re confident you can get decent hire gear that matches your needs I’d say atleast get your own bindings and boots so you’re not only picking up boarding you’re also getting used to the gear you will continue to use. There’s a lot to learn and try out with adjustment, having the same gear takes away extra variables. Anyway thats been my experience. Thanks for the review

    1. Thanks for your reply mate, I hear you! People can hardly imagine that having your own equipment has such a massive impact on your riding experience! Try, adjust, try again!

      Have a great season!

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