Burton Lexa bindings – put your riding to the next level!

The Burton Lexa is the counterpart of the Malavita in the women range. Although, it´s like all the women bindings made by Burton, not just a smaller version with different colours – it´s designed by women for women to give you the best fit, comfort and performance. The Burton Lexa comes with great features to put your riding on the next level, built for everyone with more than a weekend on the snow each season! The Burton Lexa bindings – freestyle orientated all-mountain performance.

Burton Lexa Bindings

burton lexa bindings

burton lexa bindings

The Lexa is your choice, if the Burton Scribe is simply not enough. Both are great bindings, but you get a good amount of extra features with the Lexa. They have a similar Flex and actually the same baseplate.

One feature on the Lexa that pops in the eye right away, is the heel hammock. This mash is designed for wrapping around your heels and literally lock them in position. Therefore, you can ride your straps a bit more loose if you like, without loosing that nice and tight fit. That can be great for freestyle sessions and it´s also the reason why I rated them a 4 in the Flex range, while the Scribe is a 5.

The Burton Lexa comes in two different versions, either with the Re:Flex or the EST baseplate. Burton has their own mounting system called the channel and the EST version of their bindings only fit on that mounting system – so you are fully committed to Burton since the binding is not going to fit anywhere else!

What you get in return is an improved and more comfortable footbed, simply because the EST version does not need any material for the mounting disc under your foot which is replaced by more cushioning.

burton lexa bindings

Further, it reduces the contact are between binding and board so the board can fully flex from tip to toe. And finally, you get to choose from the biggest variety of stances because you can slide the EST version anywhere on the channel, why the Re:Flex is obviously limited to the holes for the screws in your board.

If you have a channel board and don´t mind to be limited to it, go for the EST. Are you probably going to try a different board at one point, then stick with the Re:Flex version!


The Burton Lexa comes with the the asymmetrical hammock straps. They are made of one piece, so no stitches can become loose and they stay soft in the coldest temperatures. The spine on the outside ensures immediate response while the padding gives you great support and comfort.

A next level highback and better footbed paired with the best straps and buckles made by Burton are the features to look at, in case you are not sure if a binding like the Scribe might be enough for you. The Lexa is more comfortable and simply the overall better binding.

Well will have a closer look on the features further down, but let´s see who this binding is made for, first.

Who is it for?

The Lexa can be picked basically by everyone. The heel hammock gives you extra support in case you don´t want to crank down your straps so much – great for freestyle. The overall medium Flex also has enough response for the steepest slopes and deepest powder, yet play full enough for the terrain park. Get the Lexa if you:

  • Need great comfort and performance for many snow days

    • The Lexa is made for people who ride quite a lot. Not the cheapest, but one of the most evolved bindings on the market! It´s durable and comfortable, made for day after day, season after season!
  • Don´t have a focus

    • Like I said, you can ride every binding in every terrain basically, but the Lexa is probably the most versatile in Burton’s range. It simply has everything on board for full performance in the park as well as on the slopes. And if you don´t mind the price, it´s even suitable for everyone who just mastered their first turns and is committed to snowboarding.

Consider a different one, if you:

  • YOu simply don´t ride that much

    • I am sure, lower priced bindings are going to make you as happy as the Lexa. Save your dollars spend them somewhere else – but of course that is up to you!
  • You just started

    • Good on you if you want to buy gear right away, that´s always better than rentals. But get something softer like the Burton Citizen, first. That makes it easier for you and your wallet, because who knows, you might end up not riding anymore next season (I can´t really see that coming, though :P).


This is as always just to give you an idea! Let me know if you have any further questions and drop them below in the comments! I will get back to you 🙂


The features in detail

Mounting System

The Lexa comes in the EST and the Re:Flex version. While the Re:Flex fits on every board out there, the EST is limited to Burton’s channel boards!


A medium Flex of 4/5. I would rate the baseplate as a 5, while the heel hammock gives you the option to open your straps a bit and have a more surfy ride, without loosing a secured fit!


Both version of the Burton Lexa come with the AutoCant footbed. On lower priced bindings, your foot simply stands flat on the binding. Canted footbeds put your foot on a small angle what aligns your kneels, hips and ankles! That results in a more comfortable and natural stance and is easy on your knees as well!

While other manufactures often use 2.5° for the angle, Burton’s AutoCant footbed automatically adjust that angle, depending on how wide your stance is!

The cushioning is a little bit different between the EST and the Re:Flex versions.

  • Re:Flex – fully cushioned from tip to toe with an extra dampening pad which includes B3 Gel that stays soft in cold temperatures.
  • EST – Like mentioned, the EST doesn’t need material for the mounting system under your foot. That results in the more advanced SensoryBed footbed. It includes B3 Gel as well and is simply a little bit more comfortable.


Exclusive on the Lexa/Malavita you can find the heel hammock. This mash wraps around your heels and locks your boots in position. It works so well, that you can ride you straps a bit more loose, without loosing the secured fit.

The mash only sits around your heel so you don’t loose any response in the upper part of the binding.

You can ride every Burton binding with 0° forward lean and it can be adjusted through a little dial on the back.

burton lexa bindings


The asymmetrical Hammock straps are made of one piece so no stitches can become loose. They stay soft in the coldest temperatures, wrap around your boot and the spine which ensures immediate response, sits on the outside! It doesn’t have direct contact with your boot, great if you have problems with pressure points.

The Supergrip Capstrap can be used as toe- or cap strap. Two different materials work together for a tight fit while wrapping nicely around your boot.

Both straps can be adjusted of course, to center them perfectly over your boots and a nice little extra is, what they call FlexSlider. A little hinge on the ankle strap let it fully flip open. That makes is so much easier to get back in!

burton lexa bindings


The Lexa features Burton’s smooth glide buckles with insta-click. Crank down fast and easy and leave you with more time riding. Check the video below to see how it works.




– Upshot –
Next level performance

The Burton Lexa is a great choice if you love snowboarding and do it on more than a weekend each season. It gives you all the freedom you need to explore different terrain and evolve your skills, so no need to focus on one terrain. And even if you do, this binding got you covered.

The Burton Lexa comes with a good amount of extras compared to the Scribe but is also more expensive of course. The choice is up to you, all I can say is you can´t go wrong with the Lexa really.

Matt from the-House.com wraps it up one more time, check it out

The-House.com offers great support in case you need a second opinion! I am here as well, so let me know if you have questions! You can find the Lexa on both versions if you click the links below!

For you guys from Europe, blue-tomato.com is the place to be. They have a massive selection and deliver your outdoor gear like almost instantly 😉 Click below for your pair of Lexa.


Have you got any experience with the Burton Lexa? What gear do you ride? Let us know and once again, drop your questions below if you have any! 

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8 Replies to “Burton Lexa bindings – put your riding to the next level!

  1. As a skier, it kills me that the snowboarders get all the coolest stuff — including the clothing! Just goes with the nature of the product and the activity, I suppose. As for here: Beautiful post, and I mean that. Great layout and and info. I can only hope to have such a nice looking site in the near future. Maybe some day we’ll run into each other hitting the powder (hopefully not literally)!

  2. I never di snowboarding before so I have limited knowledge on the subject. But I do have a question. Do they pop off in case of a fall or anything that might harm your ankle joint? Thanks. I think I seen some skis pop off when people take a spill.

    1. Hi Ronnie! You´re right, ski’s do have bindings that have to be adjusted on the bodyweight so they pop off if your ski get’s twisted. Otherwise they simply would twist your knee off! It´s crucial that they are set up properly and open soon enough but not too early!

      Since both of your feet are mounted on the same snowboard, that can not happen 🙂

      I hope that helps! Have a good one and I hope to find you on the slopes at one point!

  3. This is the site I come to when I need to find all the cool stuff my sons need for their snowboarding adventures. I can see why they love this sport so much. So much cool ass stuff to buy! Or for me to buy for them!

  4. Hey Manny, the Lexas sound really great as all rounder for snowboarding. My husband enjoys this type of activity, I’ll be sharing this post with him.

    1. I´m glad you like it and the Lexa might be a great choice for you! Although, that´s a binding for women so show your husband the burton Cartel, Malavita or Genesis!

      Let me know if you guys have any further questions!

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