Burton Malavita Review – Freestyle orientated, but at home everywhere

This is Burton´s freestyle workhorse that you totally can consider even if you´re not much of a freestyler. The Malavita is trusted by a lot of pro and non-pro riders out there and has evolved over the last years to become one of the most selling bindings made by Burton. Burton itself has one of the best reputations in the industry and is tested and trusted by thousands, seasons after season! Take a closer look on this binding´s features with the Burton Malavita Review.

Burton Malavita Review

burton malavita review

burton malavita review

“Burton´s Malavita is freestyle focused but has enough response to really call the whole mounting your terrain park”

The Malavita has a medium FLEX but is more playful than the Cartel or the Genesis. It comes like most of the bindings made by Burton in two different versions, the Re:FLEX and the EST model. 

Burton has their own mounting system, called the channel. The EST version of their bindings are especially designed for that mounting system and combined, they give you the widest variety of how you can mount your board as well as the best set up to reveal the full flex of your board.


No park feature or obstacle is too big but in case you are just starting to get into jibs and jumps, it´s all-mountain versatility brings enough response to ride slopes and pow on the rest of the day! We will have a closer look on what you get for your dollars further down but as always, let´s see who the Malavita is for.

Who is it for?

The Burton Malavita goes well with everyone who mastered their first turns and likes some air time!

Get this binding if you:

  • Start getting into freestyle

    • The Malavita has enough response for riding every terrain so if you feel like park in the morning and carving in the afternoon, that´s the one.
  • You really like freestyle!

    • It is more responsive than a lot of other freestyle bindings which can be a huge advantage if you go big! Big kickers need big speed and you don´t want it to get wobbly before the big take off!
  • You want it a bit mellow and the whole mountain is your park

    • The Malavita feels home on the slopes as well and is a bit softer than the Cartel for instance. A bit more surfy and bit more fun in case you spot kickers everywhere.

Consider a different one if you:

  • Just started snowboarding

    • Unless you´re confident, this might a bit over the top. It will work for beginners as well but I´d say, go for something softer like the Custom! Easier to start with and easier on your wallet! Although, if you know you´re going to love it and where your journey leads you – go for it!
  • You like to stay on the ground

    • Just because you have a pair of Malavita does not mean you have to take jumps and rails – but also, in case you know that you want to stay on the ground, get something more responsive that is truly made for edge-to-edge performance! How about the Cartel, the Genesis or Union´s Atlas!


As always, this is just to give you an idea! I am more than happy to give you further assistance. Just drop a comment below this article with some information and we will find the right binding!


The features in detail

Mounting System

Like I mentioned, you can get the Malavita in two different models. The Re:Flex version fits on every board out there, the EST version only on the channel!


Medium FLEX of 4. Playful, forgiving and fun for freestyle sessions but enough response for all-mountain performance, too!


30% short-glass / nylon composite for a bit more tweak and pop.

  • Re:Flex
    • Fully cushioned EVA footbed with B3 Gel that stays soft even in the coldest temperatures.
    • AutoCant footbed that automatically adjust the angle of your feet. That results in a more natural and comfortable stance and is easy on your knees.
  • EST
    • The EST version doesn´t need any material under your foot and therefore has more room for cushioning. That results in the more advanced SensoryBED footbed, includes B3 Gel as well.
    • AutoCant footbed just like on the Re:Flex version.
    • The Hinge, unique on the EST, for more pop!


The black/white coloured version of the Malavita comes with the winged highback. I never tried such a highback myself, but let me try to explain what it does: It ensures you are not “overpressing” – simply because it holds you back from leaning too far on tip or tail, on a nosepress for instance! Makes sense? 🙂


burton malavita review


The canted highback design follows the natural stance of your legs for more comfort and control. Exclusive on the Malavita, you find the Heelhammock: Rubbery material wraps around your heel to lock in your boot, even if you need to ride with your straps a little more loose. Also works as a built-in suspension.

You can ride every Burton binding with 0° forward lean and it´s tool less adjustable through a little dial on the back.


burton malavita review


Asymmetrical Hammockstrap which results in more lateral support on the upper side, an more medial support on the lower side. Similar to the one on the Genesis, it´s made of one piece so no stiches can be become loose and it´s super comfortable. The spine on the outside ensures immediate response!

Burtons FlexSlider pops the ankle strap out of your when you open them. That makes it much easier to get back in. You will love it!


Double Take Buckles Featuring Insta-Click – Faster engagement and therefore no more struggling to get to that first click! Helical teeth tighten you up faster! Hard to put into words, so check out the short clip below to understand this strong and quick system.




– Upshot –
kickass freestyle performance for every terrain

The Burton Malavita really covers a lot! It´s for people who spent more than a weekend on their boards every season and the versatility ensures everyone is happy – because you can´t really go wrong with a pair of Malavita. Click here to get your own pair!


Do you ride a pair of Malavita already or any other binding? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below! And of course, if you have any further questions regarding gear – I am here and will get back to you in no time. 

Like and share if you want and keep riding!


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16 Replies to “Burton Malavita Review – Freestyle orientated, but at home everywhere

  1. Hi, this pair of Burton Malavita looks really comfortable. I especially like the fact that you don’t have to struggle just to get that first click in. The Helical teeth that tighten up fast are a big plus in my book.

    1. Hi drake.

      That is really handy, yeah. You´ve got actually two lines of teeth on each strap. One holds the strap, the other one cranks it down. That results is a much higher reliability and they simply last longer!

    1. Hey John!

      Tough question 🙂 There is not really a better one! The Malavita has a mash in the highback that wraps around your heels to give you some extra support and grip. That also allows you to ride with your straps a bit more loose without loosing the nice fit. So that´s an argument for the Malavita.

      At the same time the Cartel is a little bit stiffer what makes it more suitable for edge to edge transitions but to be fair, the difference is quite small.

      You are going to enjoy both, no worries! I´d say, if you do nothing else but riding on the slopes and some pow maybe, go for the Cartel. If you like freestyle as well, go for the Malavita. The price will affect your decision as well and that´s alright! It can but doesn´t have to be the more expensive one 🙂 I hope that helps

      I buy my gear mostly at the-house.com! Great support, great staff and good prices!

      Have a good one!

  2. Wow, what an informational post. I did buy the Malavita bindings about a month ago, but did it with some caution.
    I didn’t know much about them but they are great.
    If I would have found your site before I would have bought them with more confidence.
    Like the video’s, they provide so much info. I haven’t bought bindings in a few years but I made the right decision.
    How about a page where we could leave video’s of our trips?

    1. Hi Doug!

      Great you enjoy your new gear! That´s a great idea with the page and I will consider it. Did you upload some to YouTube? Feel free to leave them here in the comments 🙂

      Have a good one!

  3. this is a helpful article. I know friends who love to snowboard. This looks like the perfect gift idea too.

    The info is well researched and it explains the benefits of the burton malavita to even a layman like me. It makes sense to invest in something that is more supportive and comfortable for the feet. Thanks for breaking it down for me.

  4. Hi,

    This is a really informed article.

    I have Malavitas and I love them! My day-to-day board is the Burton Kilroy Process and they work really well together. I would go as far as saying that they are the best bindings I’ve had (I’ve been riding for 23 years). They are just really comfortable.


  5. Hey again 🙂

    I already commented on some other article how much I love Burton. I got my Burton bindings about 17 years ago and I am still using them. I actually didn’t do any investigation on the features – I just bought the ones that suited my outfit 🙂 But this could be typical and common for some women 🙂
    nevertheless I just wanted to emphasize the durability of Burton products – better to pay little bit more but to be on the safe side with the quality, functionality and without doubt also style.

  6. Great information! I think I’m going to have to upgrade my bindings now just for the new straps and buckles. It’s always a struggle strapping in and trying to get those first clicks. Especially when I’m standing bent over at high altitudes. Almost blacking out before a run is never a great time! Thanks!

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