Burton Mission bindings review – clocked in thousands of kilometers…

… and is ready for more! The Burton Mission is well known in the industry and loved by many. Burton calls it their workhorse and it’s certainly one of the best selling bindings out there. Great performance for a great price so check out this Burton Mission bindings review and find out if that´s the perfect one for the coming seasons!

Burton Mission Bindings Review

burton mission bindings review

burton mission bindings review

Burton´s Mission is pretty much the first binding to consider in their range after you mastered the first turns.

It´s more responsive than the Custom to cope better with higher speeds and gives you more feedback from the board.


Burton doesn´t really believe that bindings are made for one purpose and that´s right – what matters is what you like and prefer.

The Mission has a medium Flex similar to the Malavita, is stiffer than the Custom and softer compared to the Cartel. You get true all-mountain performance to clock in run after run on the slopes or improve your skills in the terrain park – the choice is up to you!

The difference in the price basically is the lack of some extras, that the bindings from the higher shelfs have on board. It has a simple highback and not the fancy hammock straps for instance but is available in the EST version.

Burton has their own mounting system called the channel. The EST models of their bindings are especially designed for that and don´t fit anywhere else. What you get in return is a improved footbed, simply because the EST models don´t need any plastic under your foot that is replaced by more cushioning! Further, they minimize the contact area between binding and board, therefore reveal the boards true flex and give you the most freedom in choosing your stance!

What you loose in exchange is having the choice – you are committed to Burton!
A new board means a new binding. If that doesn’t bother you, I recommend you go for the EST 🙂


We will have a closer look on the features further down but a good guide to pick a binding is simply to think about how many days you are on the snow! So…

Who is it for?

The Burton Mission can be picked by pretty much everyone. It is soft enough for beginners and goes far into the intermediate section, too.

This can be your binding if you

      • Want a great binding but nothing too fancy

        • The Mission is great – Burton knowledge in a simple package. Won´t let you down, keeps you happy for long and copes with everything you throw at it – but nothing fancy 🙂
      • Have a limited time on the snow each season

        • You get a decent amount but snowboarding is something you do on vacation and not every day! You need and want great gear but nothing over the top.

Consider a different one if you:

      • Ride like one weekend each year

        • Your dollars are probably better spent somewhere else! How about the freestyle or Salomon´s Rhythm? Quite soft but definitely fun and easier on your wallet!


As always, this is just to give you an idea. If you have further questions, please drop them in the comments below and I will get back to you!


The features in detail

Mounting System

The EST model only fits on the channel system but gives you pretty much an unlimited variety of stances.

The Re:Flex version fits on every board out there. If you think you will stick to your bindings longer than you do to your board, Re:Flex is the right choice – unless it´s always going to be Burton, then go for the EST.


A happy medium Flex that let’s you explore the whole mountain. The Mission is…

…play full but responsive and not focused on any terrain – the choice is up to you!


Comes with a 30% short-glass / nylon mix and the cushioning depends on the version

      • Re:Flex
        • Fully cushioned footbed but without B3 Gel like the Cartel or the Malavita have it. Instead you get an extra under-baseplate dampening pad, exclusive on the mission in the men range of Burton bindings. Definitely comfy!
      • EST
        • The EST model has an improved footbed called SensoryBed. It doesn’t need any plastic for the mounting system under your foot and leaves room for more cushioning.


Simple but bombproof single-piece construction with adjustable forward lean through a little dial on the back. Like on every other binding made by Burton, you can ride it with 0° forward lean.

The canted design follows the natural way of your legs for improved comfort, it’s fully covered with cushioning but still delivers the feedback you need.

burton mission bindings review


The same straps as on the Custom – ankle and toe strap are 3D shaped for a firm but pressure-free fit. A nice little extra on Burton bindings is the FlexSlider, a little hinge built unto the ankle strap to let it fully flip open what makes it easier to get back in!

You can adjust the straps without any tools to make sure they always sit nice and centered over your boot.


Burtons smooth glide technology ensures you get in quick and easy. The buckles are durable and crank down super easy season after season. Nothing fancy but solid!

burton mission bindings review


Burton Mission bindings review



– Upshot –
clocked in thousands of kilometers…

… and is ready for more! The Burton Mission is a great binding for everyone who  doesn’t want any extras – just a solid, durable, comfortable binding that works great everywhere. Mount a pair of Mission on your board and simply don´t worry about where you´re riding next.

Let Matt from the-House.com explain it one more time with some visual support!


What is mounted on your board? Let us know! And of course, if you got any questions about snowboard gear, drop them in the comments and I will get back to you! Check out more Burton Bindings here or just browse through the website!

Keep riding


14 Replies to “Burton Mission bindings review – clocked in thousands of kilometers…

  1. Definitely looks like burton mission is a solid value for the price and the fact it fits on most any board out there is a definite plus. Does it only come in orange or black or are there other colors to choose from?

    I’m actually going on a skiing trip soon. Would you recommend buying a board for the trip or simply renting a board there?

    1. Hi Barry! Since you like the snow already I am pretty sure you will enjoy snowboarding! To give it a try simply rent some gear and find out! But in case you are interested, I´d recommend you buy soon. Having your own gear gives you consistency and improves your learning!

      The mission comes in black, brick, white, orange and a grey-ish colour called evil genius. Click here to have a look at all the colours including a 360° graphic!

  2. Really like this review, very detailed and well illustrated. Hope I can try snowboard at least one time and see how cool this is!

  3. The Burton Mission looks to offer heaps of value! I like how you get what your paying for and it takes a while before you need a new one. Cross Country snowboarding would be a joy, riding through all that powder.

    The comfort factor would be a big one for me and this is as good as it gets from my first impressions!

    Thanks Manny.

    1. The Mission is a great binding, not much more to say 🙂 You can get a bit of extra comfort with the Burton Cartel if you´d like! Just think about how often you get on the board 🙂

      Have a good one

  4. I really admire how detailed this review is – gives me a much better sense of whether this is the right binding for me at my experience level and how often I go out. Do you happen to know if these are good for people with wide feet? Thanks

    1. Hi Penelope! I´ve heard that before 😉 Some brands have versions of their boots especially made for wide feet. You don´t have to worry about that when it comes to bindings, though.

      Burton also has their own product line for women in the bindings range. I would recommend to stick with that. Maybe check out this post! You can find every women binding made by Burton in it. The counterpart for the Burton Mission would be the Burton Stiletto!

  5. The Burton Mission definitely looks like a solid pair of bindings. I’m usually the type of person who likes to save a few extra bucks if the product does what I need it to.

    Sometimes all the extra bells and whistles are nice to have but as long as the basics are there, I’m in.

    Thanks for another great article, this is a great source of information for Burton bindings. 🙂

    1. I´m glad you like it! The Burton Mission a great pick for a solid binding for everyone who has at least a week or so on the snow each season! Catch you later man

    1. Hey mate, sorry for the late reply, I was on the road!

      I´d go for a large. That´s also depending on your board type and shoes. Quite skinny boots might be fine in a medium. Did you have Burton bindings before?

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