Burton Stiletto Snowboard Binding – Entry level performance for every terrain!

Did Burton really called that one Stiletto? Well, it´s about performance and not names, right? If you like the name or not, what you get is great performance wrapped up in the Burton Stiletto Snowboard Binding, specifically made for women.

Manufactures spend ages in researching and fine tuning their gear to make it perfect. The smallest adjustments can make a big difference and therefore it´s important to have a binding that is NOT just a smaller version of men´s that comes in different colours. Lady´s, you´re different, thank god (or whoever) for that. That´s why Burton makes specific bindings 😉 Actually, not just bindings: Women’s-Specific True Fit™ Design ensured that everything goes together really well. From you board to your boots, of course the bindings and  even the straps! Everything is made for a perfect fit – and if it fit´s, it´s fun!


Burton Stiletto Binding Review


burton stiletto binding review

burton stiletto binding review

The new Burton Stiletto has now a medium flex and is a all-mountain binding for the intermediate rider. It gives you more performance and more response than the Burton Citizen, but is more mellow than the Scribe. The happy middle for a reasonable price and made to be more comfortable than the shoe it´s lend the name from.

The Stiletto comes in two versions, the Re:Flex model and the EST model. Burton has their own mounting system called the channel and the EST models only fit on those boards – nowhere else.

In return to get more freedom in choosing your stance, an improved footbed with more cushioning and your board has more room to flex, since the contact area between binding and board is smaller!

You don´t mind being committed to Burton? Then go for the EST version. In case you might want to mount your bindings on a different board at one point – stick with the Re:Flex.

Who is it for?

The Burton Stiletto is a good choice if you are comfortable on your board or want to finally get away from spending day after day on rental gear. Not like in the years before, it has a medium flex now what really makes it a all-mountain binding. If you are not sure where your focus is, the solid Stiletto got you covered for a good price.

The right choice if you:

  • want good performance in the mid-price range

    • less flex than the beginner focused Burton Citizen and easier on your wallet than the Scribe.
  • want to step up your skill and need more response

    • soft bindings can be great to ride but to get a good feeling and improve your riding, something more responsive might be what you need
  • You don´t prefer any terrain, just go out there and ride

    • The Stiletto does the trick. You can totally ride that binding in the park, too. Throw anything at it.

Look for a different one if you:

  • spend your time free riding

    • Get yourself something stiffer with more performance. You´ll have to spend a few more bucks but it also will be worth it
  • Just started snowboarding

    • If you´re totally new, you are going to have the most fun with a soft binding. Although, if you are a confident beginner, the Stiletto can be an option.

As always, please let me know if you need further help with your decision. Drop your questions in the comments and I will get back to you! We will find the right one for you!

The features in detail

Mounting System

The binding comes with the right mounting disc for every system out there. If you have a Burton Snowboard with the Channel system, get the EST version of the binding. They are specifically designed for the Channel to let your snowboard fully flex from tip to toe


A happy medium Binding Flex around 4. Great performance on the whole mountain with enough play for jumps and jibs as well as enough response to go carving.


Light and durable polycarbonate Re:Flex baseplate. Less material than competitors and designed to let your board fully flex, even right under the baseplate. The foot bed is cushioned from heel to toe for great comfort and you always can access your mounting system through a trap door.

“Re:Flex™ offers more flex, feel, and cushioning than traditional disc bindings, in a package that’s universally compatible with all current mounting systems, including 4×4, 3D® and The Channel®. The minimized, cored baseplate with Living Hinge™ disc not only reduces the weight and footprint of the binding, but also bends freely for a more natural feel that unlocks the board’s true flex


Made out of one material to give you the response you need to go fast while leaving the rest of the binding more flexible for full all-mountain performance. Basic but solid engineering paired with the MicroFLAD technology, which let you adjust your forward lean to the millimetre without any tools.

Something you are going to appreciate is the canted design that follows the natural stance of your legs! More comfort and more control! It´s also fully cushioned and even wraps around the top to ensure you don´t have any pressure points on your boots caused by the highback.

burton stiletto binding review


Women’s-Specific True Fit™ Design: Just like the rest of the gear, the binding comes with it´s own version of the Reactstrap™. A proper fit of the straps is crucial for comfort and ultimately, the fun we have riding.

Ever heard of FlexSlider? Don´t worry if not, but you are going to love it. Most of the new Burton Bindings come with that little extra and you are going to love it. All it does is popping the ankle strap out-of-the-way which makes is so much easier to get back in.

burton stiletto binding review


Glide in super smooth and aluminium ensures a long life. Not as fancy as the double take buckles on higher priced bindings, but they do the trick.


burton stiletto binding review



– Upshot –
solid binding for under 200 dollars


I don´t want to call anyone an average snowboarder but I feel that would be the right description for any potential buyer 🙂 The Stiletto does not sit at the top end of the performance range but it´s also listed far under 200 bucks! And for that price tag you will have a binding that keeps you happy until you change your way of riding! Unless you are going to focus on free ride in the upcoming season, you can´t really go wrong with Burton´s Stiletto. Not made for the catwalk but for something that´s actually fun and loaded up with Burton´s years of experience in the industry.

Michelle from the-House.com gives you another quick overview

The-House.com is in the industry for more than 30 years, offering great support and great prices. Get your pair of Burton Stiletto, simply click the link below.

For visitors from Europe, Blue-Tomato.com is the website with the biggest selection. Check them out!


Have you got a Stiletto mounted on your board and are you happy with it? Let us know! Do you think it´s crap? I´m curious to hear why! 

I appreciate any kind of input and of course, If you have any questions, drop them below and I will get back to you!

Like and share if you want and keep riding!



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24 Replies to “Burton Stiletto Snowboard Binding – Entry level performance for every terrain!

  1. Hi! Thanks for the review. Very useful and informative! I have many friends going to many cities in Asia (e.g. Korea, Japan, China, etc) for a winter holiday. They will surely like to know about this binding, and consider buying it. I will send this page to them. Once again, Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post. For a month I’m going to go to the mountains and I want to buy some nice bindings. I will definitely come back to this site.

  3. Your reviews are great! Very informative post and I will definitely recommend your blog to my brother who is a snowboard guy. I loved the colors of the bindings and the fact that they seem the perfect gear for a starter like myself! Without having a great experience on prices fof bindings a find the price of $189 fairly good.Very good post.

  4. I am just starting out, but I want a binding that I can grow with. Would you recommend the Burton Stiletto just as a starter binding, or do you think this is something that I could board with when I am a year or two in?

    I just don’t want to be in a situation where I have to buy new bindings right away.

    1. Hi Kylie!

      You can totally go for the Stiletto. The soft-medium flex will keep you happy until you know if you want to focus on a specific terrain or need more performance, it really goes far into the intermediate section for a good price.

      If you´re confident and sure you are going to stick with snowboarding, consider Burton´s scribe for instance. That one costs you around 250$ and is overall a nicer, better binding with better materials and more performance. It also has a medium flex but is slightly stiffer so covers your needs better if you´re going fast!

      Let me know if you need more help!


  5. Great review! I have a place not far from me where I could go snowboarding, Big Bear. I like that these are good for beginners and I like the color selection. These would have made some great Christmas gifts, I will bookmark this for next year. Thanks for taking the time to give us such detailed information!

    1. The Stiletto is a great beginner binding! Next year we are going to have updated models! That means a good deal on this years version or maybe a brand-new one under the tree! 😉

      I´m glad you like the post! Let me know if you have further questions!

  6. Interesting article. Is this only for women? How about binding for men – any recommendation. I am not familiar with binding as we don’t have snow at our country. It’s good know this stuff for overseas trip. I would definitely open to the idea of getting adventurous with snow. Great post.

    1. Hi Joe.

      Yes, the Stiletto is made especially for women. You can find loads of reviews on my website and new stuff is coming every other day. If you are getting interested in snowboarding, I only can encourage you to get your own gear as soon as possible when you realise you like it!

      That gives you better consistency and improves your learning curve! A very good pick as a starter is the Burton Custom ! Trusted by many many riders but it´s about 200 dollars. If you only going to ride like one or two weekends each season, check out the Salomon Rhythm.

      Just don´t buy anything super cheap from brand noone heard of. Bindings have to cope with a lot of force and failure leads to injuries!

      Keep riding!

  7. Man I love snowboarding, first tried it in 2013 in the Swiss alps and i had one of the best times of my life! I’m thinking of going again, now I’m no expert or anything, but I’m a bit uncertain about buying anything for myself with the word Stiletto in it, but after reading your review, its cleared up my stupid male ego for me and has really highlighted the quality of this Burton Stiletto Snowboard Binding. I am going to recommend it to my girlfriend! Which one is the best pick for myself?

    How many years would you expect it to last if i buy one in the next couple of months using them maybe just once every few years?

    Thanks again for this awesome review!

    1. Hi Marley!

      You have a few options and since you are only going to use it so rarely, it´s totally fine to stick with a cheaper one! Check out my post about cheap snowboard bindings or if you don´t mind spending a few extra dollars, take a look at the Burton custom.

      Bindings from good manufactures will last you for ages! So even if with just a few days on the snow it´s worth investing in your own pair.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  8. Thank you for the great review. My girlfriend has been searching for a new pair of bindings for quite some time now and I have always have trusted Burton products as they are such high quality.

    It is amazing how far snowboard bindings have come since I started riding nearly thirty years ago

    1. Great to hear Terry! Please let her know that she can ask me anything in case she has further questions! Enjoy your days on the snow

  9. Thanks for the great review of the Burton Stiletto. My wife and I are new to snowboarding and are looking at the best fit for causal boarding.

    For her the Stiletto looks like a good fit…but does it only come as a strap in binding? Is there no option in this line for rear entry? If not, what women’s bindings would you recommend that is rear entry (and preferably under $200)?

    1. Hi 🙂

      The Stiletto is great for casual snowboarding and you can consider the Burton Scribe as well if you have a few more days on the snow. I wrote a post about flow bindings for women, so check that out! They are a bit more expensive that strap bindings, but the entry level binding is only 160 bucks as well. 

      Burton doesn’t make any backdoor bindings and I would stick to Flow for that anyway 🙂 Enjoy your time guys and let me know if you need more help!

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