FLOW NX2 REVIEW – great response paired with perfect fit!

FLOW is the name in the industry for backdoor or rear-entry bindings and riders out there either love or hate them. They don´t have quite the same response and feeling like strap bindings do, but therefore make it easier to get strapped on. And in the end, we want to spend time riding, don´t we? FLOW is creating new ways to make their bindings better and more attractive for everyone. Here it is, the FLOW NX2 Review!


FLOW nx2 fusion

The plan when you ride a backdoor binding is to set them up once in the morning and then don´t worry about the fit anymore for the rest of the day – at least not too much. Boots always move and twist and what feels comfortable for us changes as well! Small adjustments need to be done anyway but basically, a backdoor binding means: set and forget – the slogan of FLOW.

So what we do is, we get in, close our highback, tighten up our straps and enjoy the first run of the day.

The problem is: On the second run, it is very hard to impossible to get the same fit again, just by sliding your boot back in. You simply can´t get your boot on the exact same position to nicely put up your highback. Instead, by closing your highback, you kind of force your boot into the binding which results in an uneven fit. So it would be really good if the straps lift up a bit when we open the binding – and lower again to get the same nice and firm fit.

 Guess what you get with the FLOW NX2: ActiveStrap Technology.

The Straps, which are basically one piece, slightly lift up when you pop down the highback and lower again when you close it. That makes it easier to get out and what´s more important,
it´s getting you closer to having the same fit on every run. Enough room to get your boots in, combined with a nice and firm fit. Sweet as!

People who are used to strap bindings might still not feel as secured but since the FLOW NX2 comes with buckles that work almost like the one you find on strap bindings, adjustments are not a problem at all and can be done in seconds. Just crank them down a bit more if you like. They even give you the possibility to open the straps all the way and enter the binding the classic way.

The FLOW NX2 is a stiff binding with an 8 in the flex-range. The baseplate is made of aluminium and is the stiffest FLOW has to offer for lots of response. We will get into the details in a second, but first, let me take a selfie! Just kidding, let´s see if it´s the right one for you!

Who is it for?

The times when backdoor bindings only were seen with beginners are over. They are still great for that, if you go for one with a softer FLEX, but evolved over the years and can make way more people happy.

The binding is for you if:

  • you don´t like straps

    • Fair enough! They can be a pain and if you struggle too much with straps, go for it. Rather more but less stressful riding than not coping with getting buckled.
  •  Find a new way of riding

    • With a new binding comes a different feeling and maybe it´s just time for something different without compromising on stiffness.
  • Have got issues with pressure points or cold feet

    • Straps can cause problems for your blood circulation. FLOWs spread the pressure more evenly what results in more comfort. Big point here!
      No guarantee since every foot is difference but the majority of people, including myself, think FLOWs are more comfortable!
  • are looking for an all-mountain binding with lots of response

    • Wherever you take it, the binding does the trick! All-mountain performance paired with comfort.


Have a look for other bindings if you:

  • don´t Want to feel your feet

    • If you ride your bindings with no blood circulation in your foot, FLOW is not your choice. Stick with strap bindings which you can crank down to your liking.
  • Are still a beginner

    • You probably want something softer and more forgiving. Although the backdoor system itself is totally beginner-friendly
  • Want the lightest binding you can get

    • Flows still tend to be heavier than strap bindings but they came close over the years


Please leave a comment if you have further questions if that is the right binding for you. I will get back to you!


The features in detail

Mounting System

The NX2 Aluminium Multi Disk fits on all mounting systems including the channel.


With an 8 it has an overall stiff response but a quite flexible highback. Find out more about FLEX here.


Made of an aluminium alloy it is the stiffest and most responsive baseplate FLOW has to offer. All of the models of the NX2 series come with the ActiveStrap technology that lifts up the straps when you open the highback.

FLOW also comes around with their canted BankBeds! The footbed in each binding is angled at 2.5° with gives you more comfort and a more natural stance. Definitely worth to take a closer look here, if you have issues with your knees.

On top of that: The baseplate is rockered, just like a snowboard can be. That means it´s curved up to toe and heel what gives the board more space to move and reveal its true flex from tip to toe. The cushioning fits perfectly on that shape and damps landings and rough terrain.



The NX2 comes with the MOD-Back, a highback that is made of two separate parts. The lower part is aluminium for stiffness and response, the upper part GF-Nylon for more flex and fun.

Forward lean can be easily adjusted with the dial in the highback.



FLOWS PowerStrap connects the ankle and the toe strap to cover a larger area of your foot to spread out the pressure evenly. Therefore they are more comfortable and don´t need to be as tight as classic straps. If set up perfectly, they promise the same fit again and again. Set and forget!


The Locking Slap Ratchets give you all the freedom you need. If you feel like
re-adjustments are needed, you simply unlock the Buckles and crank them down a bit more. Locked again they stay where they are until you change it. Easier than ever on a FLOW.




A lot of response paired with comfort and easy to use


Backdoor bindings still polarise and this probably never changes. But FLOW evolved their bindings a lot to get rid of bugs while keeping the comfyness and the speed to get in. The NX2 has a lot of features to perfectly fit them around your boots while making adjustments as easy as possible – if they are needed. Check out which size you need:

Good response for going fast, great comfort for a mellow ride and everything in between is covered as well. For long-term haters of FLOW it´s maybe time to rethink and for the average snowboarder the NX2 can take fun on the next level. To appreciate the upsides of FLOW, you need to ride one! The NX2 is a premium binding for the advanced rider and unless straps is the only way to go for you – NX2 got you covered in every terrain. Check out the Burton Genesis if need top end all-mountain performance with straps!

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If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments. Do you ride FLOW or other backdoor bindings? Let us know how you feel about them!

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15 Replies to “FLOW NX2 REVIEW – great response paired with perfect fit!

  1. Hello,
    Really awesome post here. I really enjoyed the read.
    Your content is really informative and I agree with the simplicity of these products.
    Even though I’m not a skier, but I really enjoy watching the sport, I really enjoyed this.

    I will definitely refer this to my friends that are skiers.


  2. Today it snowed for the first time this year in Michigan. My son told me this morning on the way to school that he wants to go sledding, snowboarding, and skiing. He is 5 lol. I said ok son sure lolll.
    I have never went before and I am afraid to go. So I am looking into it. These are some very cool snow shoes. They make me want to try snowboarding more. Does anyone call them Snow shoes? Is that appropriate?

    Is this all I will need to go snowboarding?

    1. Haha! fistbump your son from me please and take him to the slopes! Five is the perfect age to start shredding 😉

      Well, this is a snowboard binding, not a snow shoe. You mount it on a snowboard and together with some boots, that are the three things you need basically. I recommend having a proper outfit as well 😉

      Let me know if you need further assistance to find a some gear for you or your son. I am happy to help you out. Enjoy your first snow!

  3. This is one of the best Flow NX2 reviews, I have been searching for a few online reviews on this product and by far this is the best-detailed review that I have come across.
    Most of my questions are answered in the review and I can finally make my purchase decision, thanks for the wonderful review.

    1. Thanks very much, always great to get some feedback! Fantastic if you find it helpful! Let me know if you need further assistance.


  4. I have a pair of nx2’s and a pair of nx2gt’s and I can safely say, I’m never riding straps again. The gt’s have all the response you could ever need, while the nx2’s are a bit more playful, but both bindings are comfy and really easy to use, once you try not to use them cranked down like strap bindings. Relax a little, it works honest, loose fusion strap more forward lean = sorted

    1. The Active Strap is not that old actually, unfortunately only part of the higher priced Flow bindings! But definitely worth it, makes life easier!

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