NOW IPO Bindings – affordable high quality binding with all-mountain performance

The NOW IPO bindings look really nice in the shelf, but how to they cope on the slopes? NOW changed a bit to make this binding even more versatile and better than last years. It comes with the unique Kingpin SkateTech technology and an incredible comfortable footbed. Is this the right binding for you?






The NOW IPO Bindings call the whole mountain their home and come around with a really attractive price tag just over 200$. They do have their focus slightly on freestyle but really are versatile and can make you happy riding almost every terrain – made for the intermediate to advanced rider. For around 40$ you get the Kingpin Tool-less Kit, which gives you the freedom of changing your Bindings to your second board in minutes, without tools obviously 😛

The allover Flex is set to a medium-stiff 6 but the response can be adjusted with bushings to your liking. The bushings work together with the SkateTech technology and go a new way to improve riding. We will have a closer look on that further down! Also, the Highback is quite soft and combined with the exchangeable bushings and the really comfortable footbed, that leads to the focus on freestyle.

The NOW IPO is known for their quite small Highback (therefore often called lowback) which is 15mm longer than the years before. The way the binding is made still allows riding completely without the Highback which gives you more freedom and options to discover your favourite way of riding. If you end up using it? No one knows until you try but if you need extrem freedom in movement, it might be surprisingly handy!

We will have a closer look on the features next, but first lets find out if this could be right binding for you.

Who is it for?

Already mentioned, the NOW IPO basically are all-mountain bindings. The smaller Highback and medium flex make it not the right choice for freeride only, though. Other than that, they cope good on most terrain and offer adjustability.

The bindings are the right choice if:

  • You Feel home everywhere, but you really like parks

    • Your day is filled with shredding every terrain, but carving comes second over kickers, rails and jibs
  • A really soft footbed is crucial for you

    • That footbed is comfortable! If you need a binding to curb hits really good, thats the one
  • You ride two boards very often

    • The Tool-less Kingpin System makes it crazy easy to change your bindings on your second board. Find out more below

Consider a different one in case:

  • You just started

    • The NOW IPO has technology you might just not need, yet. Highback on/off, bushing soft/medium/hard? What? Go for a softer and basic all-mountain binding.
  • You like it very(!) responsive

    • If you crank down your binding to the limit, this binding might be just not responsive enough, less that other bindings with the same FLEX.
  • You have always a set focus

    • If you ride a specific terrain like 80% of the day, get a binding that is made for exactly that.


As always, this is just to give you an idea. If you have further questions, please drop a comment below and I will get back to you!


The features in detail


Mounting system

Out of the box they fit on 2×4 and 4×4 with a 50% GF Nylon disc but the Channel disc can be bought separately. Good to go for every board!

The Tool-less Kingpin system can be bought for an extra 40$ and you get two more baseplates. Without the need of tools, your binding move over to your second board in no time.


Medium response, 6, but it comes with a soft and short highback and adjustable bushing. Find out your flex here.


Let´s have a closer look on the SkateTech™ technology. Inspired by skateboard trucks, it reduces foot fatigue and board chatter, enhances board control and edge hold and let you customize response and damping.

Inspired by how easily and efficiently a skateboard turns; major components of our system mimic both the function and description of skateboard trucks. The ‘Hanger’ powerfully transfers energy input from the straps to the bushings and onto the edges of your board. The Kingpin acts as a fulcrum, magnifying this energy through leverage. Traditional bindings diminish energy transfer by the flexing and bending of their baseplate, forcing you to crank your straps down harder, ride with more forward lean, or run taller and stiffer highbacks. This all leads to more foot fatigue and pain. NOW bindings bypass the middle of the snowboard and direct your energy right onto the board’s edges. They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable, longer

Check out the video to see exactly how it works:


Often called lowback since it´s significantly shorter than other highbacks, although they added 15mm compared to last years. That gives you freedom but can cost response. It is softer than the rest of the binding, pre-rotated by 10° and the forward lean can be adjusted with no tools.

You can take the highback off and with that comes one issue: The highcup, that thing that goes around your heel, has always direct contact with your boots and therefore has to fit perfectly.




The SIEVA-Straps are made out of one piece with more comfort, less weight and high durability. They can be easily adjusted without the need of tools.

The 3D minimal toe strap nicely fits over your boots toes and can not be used as a cap strap. You want to have your boots pulled tightly to the back since you need that nice and firm contact with your heelcup.


Redesigned buckles 2.0 for more durability and easy to use. Updated levers and springs let get in and out fast. Nothing really fancy here, but they do what they are supposed to do.


Upshot – A lot of freedom but not for everyone

The NOW IPO is a great binding. But I do have to say here, you either love it, or hate it. The medium flex feels relatively soft and if you want a lot of response without riding a stiff binding, it might be not the right choice for you.

I ride most of the time the 2015 model and love it! It is very playful, has an extremely comfortable footbed and offers great ways to personalize to fit your own style. Although, make sure your boots fit really good into that heelcup.


For a very reasonable prize you get a playful, all-mountain binding with the focus on freestyle. Are you looking for something more responsive? Check out my review about the Burton Genesis

If you have any questions or input, please leave a comment below! I will get back to you and I am more than happy to help you out. Do you ride this binding? Let us know!

Keep riding!



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9 Replies to “NOW IPO Bindings – affordable high quality binding with all-mountain performance

  1. These look like pretty cool bindings! I both ski and board and these binding might be a good fit for me. I broke my leg last year so my equipment now feels kinda strange at the break site. These appear to have a lot of adjustments which might be exactly what I’m looking for. I like a nice soft binding, do you think the flex would fit what I am looking for? Thanks in advance for the advice, Ben.

    1. Hi Ben!

      The IPO have a medium flex what should be fine for you assuming you´re riding since a few years. Also, they do have a good and comfortable footbed if you still have to go easy on your leg. You can get a softer, more surfy ride with the soft bushing but if you´re looking for something really soft, check out the Burton Custom (…). Also, a canted footbed can be something that improves your comfort. Some bindings angle their footbed for a more natural stance. Check out the Salomon Rhythm ( the FLOW NX2 if you like backdoor bindings (…)

  2. Pretty new to the snowboarding scene as I have just moved to an area where it snows quite a bit. Bought myself the 2016 Burton Name Dropper board along with some Burton Custom bindings. My second session I had they decided to crack down the back, do you know why this would happen?

    After reading through and watching the videos in the article, the NOW IPO Bindings are looking promising for my next set.

    1. Hi Jared,

      what do you mean with “crack down the back”? Did the highback break? I can´t really see a situation where you put such pressure on them. Actually, I think your legs would not cope with that amount of pressure either. 

      The Burton Name Dropper is a really soft, playful and park focused snowboard. It can be a bit tricky to ride for a beginner but assuming you want to stick with it for a while – good choice! The IPO definately go well with it. If you plan to focus on freestyle in the future, and your board is totally made for that, consider the NOW Select (…) oder Select Pro (…). They are just more freestyle focused. But the IPO is a good all-mountain choice. 

      The difference here is: the Select Pro comes with all the extras (all three bushings, tool-less kingpin,…) NOW has, which gives you tons of customisation options.

      Something cheaper can be the Burton freestyle for instance. Let me know if you need more information!

      Keep riding!


  3. The IPO was always an attractive choice for the price you pay. I have to say though, I have not yet had the chance to try them with the kingpin technology. Does this set up put you higher up on the board? It looks to raise you up about 6-10mm, which would be more responsive with a little effort and also allow holding a steeper edge on the crustier snow types. What material is the heel cup? It looks to be plastic, that would worry me a bit in the park on really brisk days.

    1. Hi Jair,

      The heel cup is plastic, indeed. Although, that is quite common and I would not worry too much about that. The IPOs are designed to manage all that force even without the highback and therefore are made really strong. I would not pick a binding because it´s made of a specific material. But if you want to, Union bindings have aluminium heel cups 🙂

      Just me being curious, did you ever break a one?

      The SkateTech technology works through a fulcrum while the footbed is pretty much at the same hight as other bindings!

      I hope that helps!

  4. Hey Many,

    I love the insight you have on this page! I have never gone snowboarding a day in my life, but I literally have dozens of friend that go every year. they have always invited me, but I’m nervous to join them…. I don’t want to be the noob in the corner. Anyway, I love your stuff. You are very knowledgeable and I feel like I can take what I learned here and finally talk with my buddies.

    Quick question… If I wanted to pick something up to go with them, which is the best IPO for a beginner like me?


    1. Hi Jason,

      as total beginner I´d would not recommend the IPO´s although they would work. People tend to learn easier and safer on softer bindings. Also, I always tell beginners to consider backdoor bindings because they are so easy to use.

      If you make the decision to try out snowboarding let me know what kind of budget you are on and I am more than happy to give you a few ideas! 🙂 

      thanks for you input, I appreciate it.

      start riding!

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