Salomon Rhythm Bindings Review – great price for what you get!

It does not always have to be the top-notch! Sometimes we have to rethink what we actually need and if it´s worth spending a lot of money. Don´t get me wrong, bindings have their prices for a reason, but how many days do you actually spend on the snow? If your answer is “a few”, or you possible want a cheap, second binding for the terrain park, than keep reading and check out this Salomon Rhythm Bindings Review.

A price tag of not even 140$ with a name like Salomon on it – that sounds like a good deal. With the Salomon Rhythm they put together a solid binding for the beginner to intermediate casual snowboarder. What you need is consistency and it´s hard to get that on rental gear. The Rhythm is perfect for everyone who is ready to spend some money on their own stuff after mastering the first turns.

Or maybe you´re just committed enough to start snowboarding with your personal gear. That´s a good choice! If you can ride the same set up every time, that is definitely having a positive impact on your learning curve. Consistency! 🙂


Salomon Rhythm Bindings Review

salomon rhythm bindings review

salomon rhythm bindings reviewThe Salomon Rhythm has a soft flexibility of 2. That makes it really forgiving, great for starters or park focused riders. I am quite surprised how many features Salomon put into the 2018 version of the Rhythm while keeping it at such an attractive price tag. We will take a closer look on what you get further down.

Tons of features, small price tag

Many would call them just “not as fancy” and that is about right. For such a price you don´t get super high-strength materials and just basic, but essential features like an adjustable forward lean. I can´t stress enough that such features are the ones you really need and end up using.

There are stronger, better, more comfortable bindings packed with more tech out there, but like I already mentioned, how many days do you actually ride and do you really need such gear? Maybe not and the money you save here, is well spent somewhere else – like another day pass in your favourite resort!


…Who is it for?

It´s called an all-mountain freestyle binding and therefore goes well with everyone who rides a more mellow style and needs room for failure.

It can be for you if

  • you Don´t want any more rental

    • The Rhythm is perfect to call it your very first binding. Consistency is key to improve your riding and thats hard to get on rental. And by the way, the price of renting gear adds up pretty quickly.
  • you Need a cheap binding for the park

    • It´s really soft, therefore gives you room for failure and is easy on your wallet. If you want two sets of bindings, there your are. It has a lot of adjustments, too.
  • It probably has the best price / features Ratio

    • You really do get a lot for what you pay, so if you´re on a budget, that one definitely is a good choice. Take closer look on the features further down, but to name two for now: the canted footbed and a asymmetrical highback!

Consider a different one if you

  • Need really good performance

    • If you go fast, you´re also going to need something stiffer. I would not take the Rhythm free riding, actually I would spend more dollars in general on something more durable for that.
  • Your idea is to stick with your binding for a looong time

    • You might consider the Rhythm as your first binding, but are you also hoping it is the last one you will have to buy in the next years? In that case, I encourage you to shake out some extra bucks and go for something overall nicer and maybe a medium flex. Just to ensure that it keeps you happy for a long time.

If that doesn´t help you, please leave a comment below with some more information about yourself and I am more than happy to help you pick the right binding!


Features in detail

Mounting System

Fits on 2×2, 4×4 and the channel. Find out more about mounting systems here.


Soft FLEX at about 2. Makes it forgiving and good to manoeuvre at slow speeds. The result is a mellow ride and a good tweak ability.


The Rhythm does have a lot of features. Just the base plate alone comes with a

  • 2.5° canted foot bed – a more natural stance and therefore easy on your knees! More pop as well. Usually only found on higher priced bindings.
  • adjustable toe-ramp – the right fit is crucial and small adjustments can sometimes be necessary to nicely fit your boot into the binding.
  • EVA-padding – cushioned from heel to toe for good comfort.
  • Salomon´s IMS (integrated mounting system). Sounds really fancy but it simply keeps your screws locked in the base plate so they don´t get lost. Quite handy! 🙂


Just like on higher priced bindings, the Rhythm´s highback is asymmetrical. That gives your more support and less fatigue since they follow the natural stance of your legs.

Salomon´s very own vibration filter is on board as well, called HB-filter. Less vibrations means more comfort and more riding! Together with the tool-less adjustable forward lean, there is not much you are going to miss.

salomon rhythm bindings review


Freshly made for 2018, the 3D shaped straps provide a great fit and are fully cushioned for more comfort. The toe-strap is re-designed as well and lock´s in your boots. It can´t be used as a cap strap, though!

You also get tool-less adjustability on your straps. Make sure they always sit centred over your boots for the best control and comfort.


Easy to use and they close pretty quick what´s handy and comfortable. Less cranking and solid construction. Nothing fancy but all you need!

salomon rhythm bindings review


Salomon Rhythm Bindings Review


– Upshot –
a lot in the box for your dollars


The Rhythm is made for people who don´t hit the slopes every day. You get a forgivable binding for a mellow ride, suitable for a lot of terrain. It´s packed with essentials features and some extras as well, which you are going to appreciate. They are solid, reliable and far better than any worn-out rental bindings you might get on your next trip. Don´t go too hard on them and you end up having great bindings until you feel like something new and maybe more responsive.

Like I said, totally suitable as a second binding on your skate banana or whatever you ride in the park.

Get a quick overview again by the guys from Absolute Snow


Are you interested in your own pair of Salomon Rhythm? Click here and order today!


As always, let me know if you need further assistance! Bindings can be overwhelming and I am happy to help you find the perfect one for your style! Any experience with the Rhythm or Salomon bindings at all? Let us know!

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16 Replies to “Salomon Rhythm Bindings Review – great price for what you get!

  1. Hi, Manny. This is a very in-depth review! I Personally go for equipment that I will use for many years and even pass it on to the next generation. ahem, I have those kinds of dreams. I love antiques too and the feeling of having something for a long time gives me some form of satisfaction. And value for money too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the Salomon Rythm bindings.

    1. Hi Ami,

      I think that is a great way to life! Constantly buying new things is pretty bad for our environment and simply not needed! Although, sports gear often have to fit properly on our body basically and bindings from good manufactures, like Salomon is, are very unlikely to just break for no reason and therefore can last ages! 🙂

      Have a good one Ami

  2. I like high value for money items. It’s good to see that you’re reviewing one of my favorite brands too! The highback feature almost makes this a no-brainer considering support is a must when you’re out snowboarding. I’m a huge fan of your site already and can’t wait to read more reviews. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Brandon. I´m glad you like it!

      Asymmetrical highbacks are great and definitely have a big influence on the response and comfort of bindings! Great to get that on the low price Salomon Rhythm!

  3. If I start snowboarding more often, I’m gonna need to buy my own equipment and save money on rentals. But I’m still very much a beginner so something forgiving and good for a novice is best for me. these sound like a good option – any idea whether they support “bigger” people or have a weight limit?

    1. Hi Penelope

      Very good questions. Bindings don´t really have a weight limit but do come in different sizes and it actually can be a hassle to find one if you have really big feet. The issue is that your heel and toe might get in contact with snow during turns! It´s even more important here to perfectly center your bindings and ride a proper size.

      Before that, you have to pick the right board, though. That is absolutely crucial and it has to fit your height and weight. After that, pick boots and then go on to find bindings to make sure, everything goes perfectly together.

      Pretty much every binding made by FLOW comes in XL and K2 and RIDE have some in bigger sizes as well.

      In that case, I really encourage to get your own gear because it is so important to have something that fits properly. So let me know if you need further help and drop some informations about yourself. I am happy to help you find the right gear, not only bindings 🙂


  4. Nice info. Great for someone like me who in years to come may just venture out onto the near by slopes here in Colorado. Being from a pretty laid back family, we never went out and did more than a nice hike in the summer to find a good swimming spot. Of course I lived in California back then. I guess it may be time for some new hobbies!

    1. I´m glad you like it! Snowboarding is so much fun so don´t miss out the opportunity, especially if you´re so close or pretty much in the snow 🙂

  5. Hi, Manny! Thank you for this detailed review! Very interesting concept of a product. It also seems to have a good value for the money. Thanks you for sharing this information of the Salomon Rythm bindings.
    This is my favorite brand! They are also good for snowboarding. I really like the content of your site in general. Keep up with the good work!

    1. Cheers! I´m glad you like it. Salomon is making great gear in general and their bindings are no exception. Let me know if you need any help and spread the word if you like. 

  6. You have a really nice colorful website. you are right about the price of bindings may or may not be the most important thing. However with a market flooded with products it is definitely a good idea to look around for a pair at a lower cost. These bindings seem like a great investment for beginner snowboarders and even intermediate snowboarders. What others would you recommend for beginners?

    1. Thanks very much. They certainly are, yes. It simply depends on how much money you want to spend and the Salomon Rhythm do have a lot on board for their price! Another one that I can always recommend for beginners is the Burton Custom!

  7. Hi, I was looking to start snowboarding as winter is on the way that’s why I was looking for bindings! As I’m completely new to bindings and I find your site on it, I’d like to know if you written any articles on some essential information beginners should know and what are some things to consider when purchasing a binding? Thanks and looking forward to your reply!

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply, I was on the road without internet for a few days! Check out my articles set up snowboard bindingsand find your flex! Other than that, I´d recommend you stick to a soft to medium binding. The more you spend, the better the performance and comfort of the binding. But if you only ride a few days a year, there is no problem with sticking to a cheaper one!

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