Union Contact Pro Binding – the happy medium in Unions range

In case riding gets serious, consider the 2018 Union Contact Pro binding. Designed and engineered to be bombproof, season after season, by a company who is committed to snowboard bindings. Union is doing what they do best since more than a century now and the Contact Pro is another great product that keeps you mounted – no matter what you throw at it. Check out the overview, watch the video and then read through the details – it might be your pick for the coming season!


union contact pro binding

union contact pro binding


The Contact Pro has medium response, slightly more flexible than the Union Atlas. It copes with every terrain and has enough tweak for some freestyle sessions as well. It is fully adjustable, comes with comfortable straps to keep you riding all day and on top, probably the strongest ratchets on the market – made of Magnesium for 4 times the strength while being 50% lighter than Aluminium.

That results is one the lightest bindings on the market while at the same time, being along the strongest. This whole packages can be yours for under $250, which really is reasonable.

The Aluminium heel cup is almost like a signature feature of Union that supports the whole baseplate…

… and Union likes to compare it to a roll cage in a car. It is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit even if you change boots or might be still growing. Union puts such trust in their gear that you get a lifetime warranty on the baseplate as well as the heel cup.

The Contact Pro is all mountain performance and a great choice if you´re looking for something right in the middle – not too stiff, not too surfy. Are you unsure what´s best for you? My post about how to find your flex might be helpful! Click here.

Further down I gathered detailed information about this binding, but first, let´s see who can choose the Contact Pro.

Who is it for?

All mountain performance with medium response, sounds like you can´t really go wrong with it? Well, that´s basically right. The Contact Pro has enough tweak for the park, enough response to go wild and really is at home everywhere in between.

Pick this binding if you:

  • managed your first turns

    • You´re beyond the beginner stage and looking for something that keeps you happy for many coming seasons.
  • Want an absolute bombproof binding

    • That´s what you get with every binding made by Union. Don´t get me wrong, as long as you buy decent gear, I don´t expect any binding to break under normal circumstances – but definitely nothing made by Union.
  • You´re looking for a happy medium

    • Medium response paired with a medium price – but top-notch quality.

Consider a different binding if you:

  • Just started with snowboarding

    • Union always says, there is no such thing as entry level gear, it´s down to your preferences. But – beginner tend to learn easier on something softer and more forgiving. And you probably also want to go easy on your wallet. Maybe check out the Union FLITE?
  • you are highly focused on a terrain

    • In case you spend the whole day either in the terrain park or the backcountry – you are probably better off with something else. More tweak is more fun for freestyle sessions, in the backcountry something more responsive is helpful. But of course, that´s up to you.

I simply try to give you guys an idea and nothing is set in stone here! Drop your questions in the comments below and I am happy to get back to you! 🙂

The features in detail

mounting system

The Contact Pro comes with Union’s minidisc which reduces the contact area between binding and board to 5%! That is great because it gives your board more room to fully flex, bend and tweak.

Union bindings fit on every mounting system out there.


The CP3 Duraflex nylon mix results in medium flexibility for all types of snowboarding. The footbed is fully cushioned with what they call Vaporlite Bushings. This material stays soft even in the coldest temperature for vibration dampening and comfort.

It also let´s your foot natural cant to align your feet, ankles and hips. That results in more comfort and less fatigue – especially for people who ride a wide stance.

The Aluminium heel cup is highly durable and adjustable for the perfect fit. Together with the baseplate, it copes with extreme forces for a lifetime – if not, you get your money back.


A happy medium Flex around 5. True all-mountain performance and versatility that leaves the choice of terrain up to you.

union contact pro binding


The CP3 highback is extremely light and deliver great response and support. It still has enough tweak for freestyle sessions, too. The forward lean is fully adjustable – no tools needed.


The sonic fuse ankle strap is made of a composite material that is fused together to minimize stitching which results in more durability. The pressure is distributed evenly for long-term comfort.

The ultra grip toe strap is now found on every Union binding. The anti slip material locks you in place and secures your boot.

Both straps can be adjusted almost on the fly without any tools. A perfect fit is crucial for pressure free comfort


The Contact Pro features Union’s exclusive Magnesium ratchets. 4 times stronger than aluminium but only half the weight. Probably the most advanced buckles in the industry.

union contact pro binding


Union Contact Pro Bindings

– Upshot –
medium response, medium price, great fun!

The Union Contact Pro bindings are built to last, just like everything made by Union. The medium flex is great for all mountain performance and you get high quality materials and features, wrapped up in a package for just under $250.

Please, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! Let us know what you ride or what you think of Union bindings, every input is appreciated!

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14 Replies to “Union Contact Pro Binding – the happy medium in Unions range

  1. Hello Manny, great review. Since I was ten, I always wanted to go snowboarding. Hopefully soon, I can make that happen. Since I am new to this, I will have to try out the Union Flite. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your site!!!

  2. Awesome! I feel like this is the type of bindings which can take off heaps of pressure when doing big jumps and trying to land!

    Would love to try them on:)

    Thanks Manny!

  3. Have done Skiing before but Snowboarding, always felt I didn’t know enough about it. Like that you explain who this particular type of binding would be good for, as a beginner that is extremely useful to know.

  4. Wow this thing is quality from top to bottom, and with bindings being so expensive, it sounds like a better alternative to handle multiple uses and terrains!!!

    1. Yes Bruce, rather buy less but quality gear. Ultimately better for your wallet and your health! Keep riding

  5. Hello Manny,

    I have personally never been snow boarding, but I know a few people that do. Based on your review it looks like Union is the way to go if you are looking for quality gear for a reasonable price. I will have to show your site to my snowboarding buddies and see what they think. I’m curious to see what brands they use and rely on when they are out on the slopes. What do you use when you go snowboarding?

    1. Hi Tabitha! Definitely let them know, I am always interested what other people think and what they ride. I personally ride NOW IPOs, they simply work great for me! But I would also go for a run on some Unions!

  6. Hey Manny!

    Great review! I’m looking for a cool gift for my son and I think I’ve found it here! My son’s have been snowboarding since they were very young. They are going to love these! Thanks again for the great post.

    1. Perfect! Just make sure you get the right size. In case he is still very young, Union has kids bindings, too!

  7. This is such a great review about snowboard bindings, I was looking for some and here I came across with this amazing post. Thank you so much for sharing the reviews in such a detail and precise language. Great work, keep it up…:)
    Looking forwards for more posts from you…;)

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