Union Flite Pro Review – there is no such thing as entry level at Union!

At least, that´s what they say about their bindings range. But of course that doesn’t mean you can’t get a pair for yourself as a beginner. They´re simply pointing out that even their budget bindings are packed with top end performance. F#cking Lite, that´s what we talk about today in this UNION FLITE PRO REVIEW. Check out the video and then let´s get into the details.

Union FLITE Pro Review

union flite pro review

union flite pro review

Union’s cheapest, excuse me, most affordable binding is the FLITE Pro, and that literally stands for f#cking light. The lightest binding in it’s price range industry wide is designed for the terrain park but also a great choice for everyone who either is starting out, or simply after a more surfy ride. Check out my post about how to find the right FLEXibility for you.

Not even 150 bucks for this package is quite a statement that Union throws at you. The Duraflex nylon material is designed and only used by Union, for extreme strength paired with less weight. An updated injection process brings that to the next level with using overall less nylon material while keeping the same strength.

Every binding in their range comes with an aluminium heelcup, that part that wraps around your heels. It stabilises the baseplate and is made to last for a long time. I personally never broke a heelcup although it can happen – but it´s very unlikely if you ride a Union.

Union bindings are the choice of Travis Rice, probably the most influencing snowboarder in the last years and one of the best in the world – no questions asked. While Burton is constantly providing great gear over a massive range, Union is focused purely on snowboard bindings and gained a massive reputation in the recent years. Surely outstanding products for reasonable prices.


Let´s see who can put it on his wish list before we take a closer look at the features.


The Flite Pro is a soft to medium binding. That makes it a great choice for the terrain park and everyone who doesn’t need extreme response. You can ride every terrain but it definitely feels home on a more surfy set up. Consider the Flite Pro if you:

  • Want a (second) binding for the terrain park

    • Having two set ups can be great. If you need it stiff on the slopes, for 150 Dollars you can have it mellow in the park.
  • Just started snowboarding but want to keep your gear for long

    • Beginner tend to learn easier on softer bindings, they are simply more forgiving. The Flite is exactly that but will also keep you happy far beyond the beginner stage.
  • You want something light

    • Big and heavy things don´t move quick and easy. A lightweight set up can be the reason why you make that 360s into 540s 😉

Stick with another binding if you:

  • ride fast and steep

    • high speeds and quick turns ask for more response. The binding should deliver your movements straight to the board while you get a good feedback. Stiff bindings cope better here!

This is as always just to give you an idea. In the end it is about personal preference but feel free to leave a comment below with your questions, I will get back to you!


The features in detail


Mounting System

All Union bindings come with a universal disc to fit them on all common mounting systems including the channel!


A soft to medium Flex around 4. That results and a loose, surfy and forgiving ride – great for the terrain park. That´s where these bindings shine!


union flite pro review


Like every Union Binding, the Flite is made of a lightweight nylon baseplate paired with a high strength aluminium heel cup.

Union’s material is called Duraflex which is especially engineered for them to cope with extreme forces in the coldest temperatures. Through their very own manufacturing methods, the overall amount of Duraflex needed is reduced to a minimum, which ultimately results in less weight.

Union bindings are known for their aluminium heel cups. They stabilise the binding and, of course, are extremely durable. You´re not going to break them! In case you somehow manage to do so, Union is going to replace it without questions – for a lifetime. Same counts for the baseplate!

It also features a heel focused EVA padding to absorb shocks and ensure comfort while riding.


The CP1 highback is along the lightest highbacks on the market and delivers you the response you need. Forward lean can be adjusted without any tools and a slightly canted design follow the stance of your legs for a more comfortable stance.

union flite pro review


3D symmetric ankle straps that lock in position with zero strap elasticity. Your boots stay where they are while the inner core of the strap ensures great comfort.

The simple but highly durable ultra grip toe strap is now featured on every Union binding. It can be set up on multiple positions and the anti slip material ensures you stay locked in.


Union is staying with their idea of high durability all the way through, so even the binding with the nicest price tag features aluminium ratchets. Crank down easy seasons after season!


union flite pro review


– Upshot –
top end materials made affordable

The Flite pro features high end materials, designed and manufactured by Union from the very start, all the way through to the final product. They are committed to snowboard bindings and trust 100% in every single one they make.

For you that means a lifetime warranty on baseplate and heel cup (one year on everything else) and bombproof bindings that are made to cope with the extreme forces in snowboarding.

Matt from the-House.com breaks it down again

The FLITE is a basic, very lightweight freestlye binding – for a surfy feeling where you want it and the right response where you need it. If you want to be part of the Union family, this is the first one to look at.

Check out this post about the Union Atlas, a more advanced and responsive binding in their range! Great for everyone with more days of riding, but less days in the terrain park.

I hope this articles bring all the informations together. Please, if you have any questions or other kind of input, leave them in the comments below – I will get back to you.

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14 Replies to “Union Flite Pro Review – there is no such thing as entry level at Union!

  1. Wow! 🙂 Great product, I would like to try it. Described with so many details, and the price is very affordable!
    Thank you for your post!

  2. I normally go the alps in Austria or France every year to bash out a weeks worth of snowboarding, normally I hire my gear but this year round I am looking to get my own. I love going off piste, tackling down the fresh powder, would you say they’re good for that?

    1. Hi Kourtney. I would recommend you stick with something stiffer. It really is down to you but for riding off piste a more responsive set up is probably the better option. You should also get a binding made for women, check out the Union Trilogy or the Burton Lexa for instance 🙂

  3. This actually might be great for me. I’m a beginner and usually cycle through new interests rather quickly. The price point fits my budget and I doubt I’ll stick with snowboarding long enough to need something more durable.

    1. Hi Melinda. Union bindings are made to last so no worries if you end up riding more than you think! I am sure you are going to love it. The same binding in Union´s women range is called Rosa, check out this post to find more bindings in that price range!

  4. Thanks for a great snowboard bindings review. I love it how the reviews were short and descriptive. It takes away the hassle and pressure of selecting right one, as they were all unique and distinctive. Keep up the great work!
    In your opinion, which one gathers your attention the most?

  5. Hi Manny Thanks for this very informative post. I am relatively new to snowboarding, I would love to get into the terrain park but reading you post it would suggest that I can also use these bindings while I am still improving on the slopes also? I really like the idea of them being light because in all sport the less weight you have to carry the easier it is. With this in mind is there a particular boot that works well with these bindings and if any are fine do you know of a good quality boot that is relatively light weight, good for improving but also long lasting like these bindings appear to be?

    Many thanks

    1. Hey Andrew! I can´t really give you specific recommendations for boots, simply because they have to fit properly. Even if we have the same sized feet, you might find a boot more or less comfortable than I do. When it comes to boots, I would never buy online. Go to one of those good old retail shops and try them on – longer than a few minutes 😉

      Just keep in mind that boots have different flexibilities as well, just like bindings and boards. It doesn´t make a lot of sense to ride a very stiff boot with a soft setup. I hope that helps!

  6. This looks hectic! I love a lightweight binding, makes manoeuvring so much easier, especially when on a board or trying to traverse slow cross country areas.

    I’ll have to look into it, as winter is nearly upon us here in Australia:)

    Thanks for the great review mate!

  7. It seems good product to get both design and functionality in snowboarding. May be it seems some varying in functions. And with light weight built and good warranty, it can be good for anyone who want to enjoy snowboarding.

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